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Your Compass launching Tuesday 20th September 2022 1-2pm, The Hub, UCC - Join us!

We are delighted to share with you that the student self-assessment tool, as set out under Action 17 of Priority 4 UCC's Academic Strategy 2018-2022, has been launched developed and is called Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass [GAP Compass].   

In partnership with ten academic and professional services units across the university, a digital badge is in development to support students in their development of attributes and values. The aim is that all students are facilitated through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular learning to develop the articulated attributes and values, in a manner reflective of their personal goals and programme of study. 

A cohesive narrative and bespoke visual identity have been created for the GAP Compass (which integrates all five graduate attributes and five values). This strong concept and brand will strengthen students’ identification with the GAP Compass and the suite of learning activities and resources that are signposted within it. A Project Steering Group has been created with membership from technical, academic and professional services colleagues to inform and support the roll out of this Action, in particular the technical embedding of the GAP Compass into the students’ journey.  

We hope that through using Your Compass you can identify your values and attributes developed throughout your time in UCC and wear them proudly and confidently everywhere you go! 

For more about Your Compass contact: 

Adel Coleman, 

Graduate Attributes Programme Manager



Graduate Attributes Programme

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