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Nurturing Bright Futures.... and You!

Before your pupils make the decision to study at university, it is very important that they start reflecting on their personalities, their likes and dislikes and their educational preferences so that they can identify their own unique attributes and values and figure out which university degree is the right one for them. As their teachers and educators, you can help them with this big decision and offer guidance, conversation and discussion as you work through the Nurturing Bright Futures programme with them.

Below, you will find guidelines to all the sections and activities in which you can check in with your pupils. You can discuss with your classes and engage with the pupils by checking in on their progress, discussing some of their thoughts and ideas with them and by engaging in discussion with them about their response to our worksheets. The purpose of the reflective exercises and activities in this programme is to help your pupils explore how they study and learn. This, in turn, will help them make informed decisions around their future pathways and a potential college degree.

Through the use of video lessons, podcasts, articles, exercises, quizzes and other helpful resources, these six modules will give the pupils the opportunity to engage with a variety of resources and introduce them to ways and approaches to college life and college degrees. You can help them by discussing some or all of the content and worksheets with them in class or by encouraging them to talk to the school's Guidance Counsellor(s).

The Nurturing Bright Futures space will provide them with the opportunity to engage with the topic of their future, a potential college experience and many related themes and it will equip them with skills and tools that they can carry into their chosen degree when they start college. By learning about themselves, their motives and their assumptions, the pupils will develop a toolkit of skills, abilities and experiences so that they can be their best selves. This toolkit will help them think critically about their choices and will enable them to make an informed decision about which college course and future path they will choose for themselves.
Thank you for giving your pupils the opportunity to explore their future possibilities. Your contribution in this space will be very valuable to the pupils.

Please Click Here (link coming soon) for a Teachers' Guidebook on using Nurturing Bright Futures with your students.

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