Module Overviews

Nurturing Bright Futures Modules

Module 1:

In the first module, we take a closer look at the different stages of the process that will guide you to finding and picking the right course for you and your future. You will learn what it means to have a growth mindset, what your own learning preferences are and what your own personality has to do with your decision-making process.


Module 2:

In the second module, we focus on different degree choices and career options. What are you interested in doing as a profession when you graduate? By thinking about the influences around you and the ideas you have about your own career, you will be one step closer to choosing your college degree.


Module 3:

In the third module, you will learn more about decision-making styles. People make choices and decisions every day, based on their own personality, their support network, external and internal influences. How do you approach making an informed decision and what are the steps to take before you make big decisions?


Module 4:

The fourth module will talk in detail about what you can expect when you get to college. We focus specifically on the experience of transitioning into college and on learning how to find your feet at your new university. You will learn about the tools and skills you will need - and how to acquire them - to have a successful and enjoyable experience at university level.


Module 5:

In the "Realities of University Life" module, we shed light on some of the challenging aspects of university life such as money matters, mental health and goal setting. We have created some resources to help you navigate the first few weeks and months and to continue to successfully negotiate the realities of university life. Knowing what to expect and what to do, can prepare you for what lies ahead.


Module 6:

In our last module of the Nurturing Bright Futures programme, we take a closer look at the graduate attributes and values we celebrate here at UCC. We will introduce you to the core values that are the bedrock of the student experience at our university and share knowledge and experience with you so that you can get ready to join the wonderful community of researchers in Ireland. 

Graduate Attributes Programme

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