What do Graduates do?

What Do Graduates Do?

According to a recent survey, the overwhelming majority of graduates from the BSc in Government are either in full-time employment, or pursuing further study or professional training.

A Career in the Public or Private Sector

The BSc in Government at UCC is different to other ‘Politics’ degrees. Unlike many other courses that are traditionally situated in the ‘Arts and Humanities’ faculties, the Department of Government at UCC is situated in the Faculty of Commerce. Unsurprisingly, then, quite a few of our graduates – armed with useful introductions to such skills as market research and marketing – have gone straight to work for prestigious companies such as Merrill Lynch and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Other students have taken accounting and legal exams and continued to make a career in the professions, while others still have progressed to the public sector (for instance, the Courts Service, Cork County Council and the Department of Education and Science), journalism (Evening Echo), and banking, sales and management and in non-governmental organisations.

Increasingly, too, graduates of the BSc in Government have decided to do further study. Former students have enrolled at prestigious universities – including the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the London School of Economics (LSE) – for both Masters and Doctoral research programmes. The success of our graduates, again, is unsurprising: students taking the BSc in Government receive a rigorous introduction to both quantitative and qualitative research methods that transfer across disciplines in the social sciences and provide students within a distinct advantage.

Take a look at five students who graduated in recent time; their experiences present a fairly representative account of the variety of careers chosen by government graduates.


Student Profiles

Michelle Healy:

The BSC Government and Public Policy degree programme (2001-2005) gave me the opportunity to study various issues around human rights, international and European Union politics, ethnicity and conflict (amongst others). A bachelor degree encompassing these subjects is the first stepping stone into an international career. During my degree, I spent semester interning at the New York State Assembly in the USA. I specialised with a master's in Human Rights Law, and received a scholarship to study child labour in India. Following this, I spent one year as a United Nations Volunteer with UNICEF in Kenya. The BSc in Government and Public Policy can give you the flexible foundation you will need to gain a future career in Irish, European and International affairs.


Sinead Murray: Tax Specialist with PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Following the degree I received a scholarship to Washington College in Maryland. 
In September 2005 I completed a Higher Diploma in Accounting and Corporate Finance in U.C.C. Since October 2006 I have worked as a Tax Specialist for Tax and Legal Services in PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dublin. I am currently completing my professional qualifications as a Chartered Accountant and will also be sitting tax exams to become a Registered Tax Consultant. When I interviewed during the graduate recruitment process for PricewaterhouseCoopers, a key focus of the interview was my experiences during my internship in the New York State Legislature as part of the 3rd year work experience programme in the BSc Government and Public Policy degree.


Holly Hardwicke

I have completed the BSc Government at UCC and have since pursued a career in research. The small classes, approachable staff and interesting subjects made for a highly enjoyable and valuable four years. The programme equipped me with important skills and knowledge which have served me well in my current career. The BSc Government programme was also supported by a vibrant student society which made the social experience of this degree programme just as valuable and enjoyable as the academic. 

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