Visiting Students

Visiting Students

Visiting Students

Overview of all our Certificate Programmes for visiting students

‌‌The Department of Government welcomes visiting students. EU ERASMUS and US Junior Year Abroad (JYA) students regularly take our modules. We offer a wide range of modules in all areas of government and political science, including introductory political science, Irish politics, European and EU politics, international politics, political economy, political theory, political science research methods and public administration. 

We offer the following specifically for visiting students:

  • GV3103 Introduction to Politics of Ireland (5 credits) (repeated in Semester 2)
    This module is open to Visiting Students only and introduces students to major features of Irish politics, from its historical bases to its current operation.  We will study the foundations of Irish politics from independence, and its residual effects, before looking at the structure of Irish society and the theory and practice of politics and government in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This modulewillprovide students with a framework for understanding contemporary political events.
  • Certificate in Irish Politics (Spring Semester only). More info here: Certificate in Irish Politics 2016-17
  • Certificate in Political Science (Autumn Semester only). More info here: Certificate in Political Science 2016-17
  • Certificate in Conflict and Conflict Resolution (Autumn Semester only). More info here: Certificate in Conflict and Conflict Resolution 2016-17

An overview of all our certificate programmes can be downloaded here. JYA Brochure


Other Government modules which are popular with visiting students include:


Most Government modules are open to visiting students. For the full list of Government modules and further details on each module see:

Some practical details:

  • Module credit weightings: most UCC modules are worth either 5 or 10 credits; student can take 5 or 10 credit modules. Students who are only here for either the first or the second semester can take the first or second half of 10 credit modules for 5 credits or 5 credit modules for 2.5 credits.
  • Term/semester times and exams: UCC’s terms/semesters are term one early-Sept to mid-December/Christmas and term two early-January to late-April; most exams take place in May; exact dates vary from year to year.

Timetable for lectures: see

See our visiting student handbook here: Handbook for Visiting Students 2015-2016 Semester 1&2

Further information:

Testimonials from past visiting students

 “We studied International Relations and Irish Politics at the Department of Government. Most of the assignments involve a lot of research and work, thus you will learn a lot about international and Irish politics. Cork city is a lovely city, with plenty of shops, nice cafes and there’s always something going on. There are many sites to see in Ireland and Cork city. Cultural events organized by the University and by the city are always taking place. From Parnell Place, you can take a bus to travel almost anywhere in Ireland if you want to tour the country.”

Gauthier Perot and Guillemette Wester (Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, France)


“I greatly enjoyed my study abroad at University College Cork. UCC offers a wide range of courses to choose from and the faculty are very friendly; I took courses from the Department of Government and I found the material to be engaging and enjoyable. Cork itself is a beautiful city and the accents are unique!”

 Anthony Pipolo (Washington College, USA)


Visiting Student Handbook

Visiting Student Handbook 2016-17

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