Democracy and Governance

Democracy and Governance

Democracy and Governance

About the Cluster

This research cluster aims to bring together scholars to co-ordinate and promote theoretical and empirical research in the broad areas of democracy and governance. It will offer a multi-disciplinary discursive space for scholars researching different theories and practices of democracy and governance. The cluster establishes a network of scholars in these broad areas, bringing them together to facilitate opportunities for research collaboration in the form of seminars, conferences, publications and joint funding bids.

Democracy and Governance Group Members


Dr. Julie Chen
Dr. Laurence Davis

Dr. Clodagh Harris (Chair)
Dr. Barry Healy
Dr. Seamus O'Tuama

Research Projects

DateProject TitlePIFunding Body
2015 ENTRUST Dr Clodagh Harris Horrizon 2020

News & Events

On Wednesday the 18th of December 2013 the Department of Government’s Democracy and Governance research cluster in partnership with the Centre for Adult Continuing Education hosted a seminar on Basic Income, Community Development and Good Culture by Dr Matthew Johnson,  Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University.

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