Anthony Costello


Anthony Costello

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1st Floor, 4 Bloomfield Terrace, Western Road, Cork


Lecturer (part-time)




Anthony’s research interests lie in intergovernmental decision making processes in the European Union (EU). His doctoral thesis explored the ways in which Ireland, as a small EU-member-state, negotiated the 2012 Fiscal Stability Treaty to achieve concessions closes to national preferences. The research highlighted the importance of liberal-intergovernmentalism and domestic opportunity structures in contemporary intergovernmental bargaining, provided deep insights into the role of the Council structure in consolidating Fiscal Policy in the EU, insights into the roles of national senior civil servants in brokering EU policies on behalf of member-state governments and developed constructive criticisms toward the theoretical literature surrounding the Union Method of EU integration.

Although Anthony’s main research and teaching interests lie in policy making in the European Union, Anthony also teaches modules in Comparative European Government and Politics, Conflict and Conflict Resolution and Irish and Northern Irish Politics.

Anthony is currently a member of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI) and the University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES). He is also a board member of the Irish Association of Contemporary European Studies (IACES). In his role with IACES, he also acts as secretary of the organisation and media strategist.

Anthony has a PhD from University College Cork (UCC), an MSc in Nationalism and Ethno-communal Conflict Resolution from University College Dublin (UCD) and a joint major B.A in Politics and Philosophy from University College Dublin (UCD).

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