Dr Niall Mulchinock


Dr. Niall Mulchinock’s primary research interests lie in the field of international relations, with a particular focus on how NATO has changed and adapted, as an international institution, to the new global security environment that emerged after the end of the Cold War.  Having completed a BA in the Departments of History and Geography, and an MA in the Department of History, both at University College Cork between 2002 and 2006, Niall then undertook a PhD in the Department of Government and Politics, again at UCC, examining NATO’s involvement in the stabilisation of the Western Balkans since the disintegration of Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 1990s.  This was looked at from three different levels of analysis: NATO member state positions during the conflict/post conflict phases, NATO’s relationships with other international organisations during these periods and also the significant role played by the various NATO Secretaries-General during that time.  He is a member of Atlantic Community, International Crisis Group, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, NATO Watch and the Political Studies Association of Ireland.  He is currently employed as a part-time lecturer within the Department of Government and Politics in UCC.  



Books Published


(a)                    Mulchinock Niall, NATO and the Western Balkans: From Neutral Spectator to Proactive Peacemaker, Palgrave Macmillan, London, (2017). 



Conference Papers

(a)                    Mulchinock Niall, NATO’s Response to the Disintegration of Yugoslavia and Its Wars of Secession, PATHS Conference, UCC, Ireland, 11th December 2007.

(b)                    Mulchinock Niall, Diplomacy and War at NATO: The Secretary-General and Military Action During the Course of the Bosnian War 1992-1995, PSAI Conference, UCC, Ireland, 25th April 2009.

(c)                    Mulchinock Niall, NATO’s Balkan Interventions, ESRC Seminar Series, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, 5th June 2013. 


Research Publications

(a)                    Mulchinock Niall, ‘Growing Instabilities in Bosnia’, Atlantic Community, 18th May 2010, pp.1-1.

(b)                    Mulchinock Niall, ‘Behind the Skirmish: North Korea’s Dynastic Succession’, Atlantic Community, 25th November 2010, pp.1-1.

(c)                    Mulchinock Niall, ‘Denmark’s Strategic Importance to Transatlantic Security, Atlantic Community, 2nd May 2012, pp.1-1.

(d)                    Mulchinock Niall, ‘Qatar: A Rising Player in Middle Eastern Affairs’, Atlantic Community, 30th January 2013, pp.1-1.

(e)                    Mulchinock Niall, ‘Further European Assistance Necessary to Serbia’s EU Membership’, Atlantic Community, 19th August 2013, pp.1-1. 



Dr Niall Mulchinock

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