Our Programmes

Three Year Degree Programmes

(no compulsory year abroad)

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Bachelor of Arts

One of four First-Year subjects (15 credits of 60)

One of two subjects in second and final year as

Joint Honours subject (30 credits of 60) or

Major (40 credits of 60) or

Minor (20 credits of 60)


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Four Year Programmes

Students studying in the German Department come from a wide range of degree programmes and the department caters for the needs of all of these students. The following is a description of all the programmes available to undergraduate students. All four-year programmes include a compulsory year abroad.

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BA Arts

Students taking German as a degree subject engage with an intensive language programme in each of the three years, which leads to an advanced competence in language structures and fluency. They also select from a broad range of modules, which focus on aspects of German literature, theatre, film and linguistics.

In their First Year students choose four subjects in the faculty of arts. This means that each subject is allocated 15 credits of the total 60 credits for that year. For German, First Year students take a 10 credit core module in German language for which they attend 3 hours of language  classes  per  week.  Students  are  also  required  to  take  a  5  credit  core  module  in literature. They attend one lecture and one tutorial per week.

In their Second Year, they opt for two of these four subjects for their degree. Arts students may take German as a major (40 credit) subject, as a joint (30 credit) subject or as a 20 credit subject. BA Arts-Music students may take German as a Joint Honours (30 credit) subject, as a 20 credit or 10 credit subject and BA Drama and Theatre Studies take German as a 30 credit module only. All Second Year students are required to take core modules in language (10 credits) and literature (5 credits). Students studying German as a major or joint subject are required to take an additional core linguistics module. The remaining required credits are taken from a wide range of option modules and interdepartmental modules.

In third year there are two core modules; one in language (10 credits) and one in linguistics module (5 credits). Again, remaining credits are made up from the choice of option modules and interdepartmental modules. For details go to: http://www.ucc.ie/calendar/arts/art002.html


BA International

The BA International is a four years honours BA degree which includes a year abroad studying at one of University College Cork’s partner institutions in Europe, the USA, Canada or South America.  You will have the opportunity to enhance your learning experience and increase your cultural awareness by living and studying in another country. 

Students who select a language and opt to spend year 3 in the country of that language will also be able to demonstrate increased linguistic ability to prospective employers.  You will receive a lot of support in preparing for your year abroad as well as support from the ground and staff in UCC while on your year abroad.

Students spend their Third Year at one of UCC’s partner universities in Germany. This offers students the opportunity to study German in Germany and to study their second subject through German. For details go to: http://www.ucc.ie/calendar/arts/art002a.html


BA World Languages

The BA World Languages is a four-year specialist language programme, including a year of study abroad and, in most of the languages offered, Computer-Assisted Language Learning to complement traditional teaching.

It aims to produce graduates with sought-after language skills, as well as an understanding of language as a system and of the cultures of the languages studied. While the focus of the programme is on living European and world languages, Latin is also offered for its value as an academic discipline and as the root of several of the other languages available.

Most of the languages offered (except French or Irish) can be taken without having been studied previously, but all students must have demonstrated competence in a language other than English.

Year 3 of the programme is a structured year abroad, involving study at a partner institution or a combination of study at a partner institution and a work placement. 

More detailed information can be found at: http://www.ucc.ie/en/ck110/


BComm (International) with German

The new global economy demands a businessperson with an understanding of international business, proficiency in a foreign language and the ability to adapt to other cultures, social structures and business practices. The BComm (International) is designed to equip students with the skills  necessary to  carry out  business  within  the global  economy.  First  Year  BComm (International) students take 15 credits in German: 10 credits in language and 5 credits in literature.

In Second Year students take 25 credits of German. This consists of 10 credits in language and

5 credits in a specially designed module for commerce and German students. They also take two option modules for 5 credits each.

Students spend their Third Year at one of our partner universities in Austria and Germany.

Final Year BComm (International) students take 25 credits in German; 10 credits in language, 5 credits in Advanced Grammar and 10 credits which are chosen from a wide range of optional modules. For further details see: http://www.ucc.ie/calendar/commerce/com003.html


Languages for All: German as an Optional Module

Students in the degree programmes Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Geology, Government, Law and Social Science as well as ERASMUS and visiting students are permitted to take German as an optional minor subject for 10 credits. Students may take German at beginners’ and intermediate level.  Intermediate students must have Leaving Certificate German (recommended grade of HC3) or an equivalent qualification. Students with Leaving Certificate German are not permitted to take the Beginners’ course. Native speakers of German cannot take a German language module.


Third Year Abroad

  • Study at a German or Austrian University
  • Live in Germany or Austria for a full academic year
  • Language skills
  • Experience
  • Maturity
  • Independence
  • Adaptability
  • Employment advantage


Our Exchange Universities

  • For Commerce:  Nürnberg/Erlangen, Konstanz, Rostock, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Jena, Regensburg, Bayreuth, Passau, Leipzig
  • For BA International and BA World Languages:  Marburg, Leipzig, Erlangen, Konstanz, Rostock, Hannover, Köln, Bonn, Munich (European Studies only), Bochum, Göttingen


Evening Courses

The German department offers a full range of Evening Courses.

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