School Relations

School Relations

Schools Day Saturday 4th March 2017

We had a very successful school Oral proficiency day on Saturday.  24 enthusiastic school students came, and went away happy with the oral activities, phonetics and some grammar.  This was a once-off half-day course, aimed at Senior Cycle students. The 2017 course (5 x 45-minute sessions) was taught by experienced second and third level teachers, and focused on oral communication skills, including expanding vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency, as well as strengthening grammar basics.

Students were asked what the most valuable aspect of the 2017 workshop was.  Here is a selection of their responses:

  • I became confident about my level of German. Before, I thought I was falling behind compared to everyone else but today I learned I’m doing OK.

  • The relaxed atmosphere was very easy to work in, nobody was afraid of making mistakes and everyone participated.

  • Having a different perspective on the Leaving Cert like different teachers & ways of learning the oral content and grammar.

  • The grammar was good because I’d never had it broken down and explained like that before.

  • The role plays in groups

  • Getting the chance to speak German with other people

  • I liked working in groups

Click here for our poster:  Schools Day 2017

Students were asked what the most valuable aspect of the 2016 workshop was.  Here is a selection of their responses 2016:

  • I loved the active learning and how encouraging the teachers were;

  • Becoming more fluent and at ease with the language;

  • Getting the opportunity to improve my German, especially in such a friendly environment;

  • Just talking in German to people and hearing it all morning;

  • We were taught things we do not do in school;

  • My new-found confidence in spoken German;

  • Becoming comfortable with grammar and speaking;

  • Everyone had to participate.

We very much enjoyed working with these young people, as we also learn a lot, and we look forward to seeing you again.


School Visits

The German Department has been visiting secondary schools to inform prospective students and their teachers of what we do in the German Department, of the programmes and options available to them and to help them in their choice of post leaving certificate study. These visits expressly want to communicate the fact that we value the work of secondary teachers and consider it important to maintain contact with them on a regular basis in order to build a supportive working relationship and actively encourage the third level study of languages at UCC.

The German Department is happy to visit your school.

If your school is interested in a visit from UCC German Department, please contact Siobhan Mortell at tel 021 4902078 or email

We also welcome pupils and teachers who may wish to visit the department. If you wish to bring a group, please contact Siobhan Mortell as above.



We have been liaising with the Gesellschaft der Deutschlehrer Irlands (GDI). Many of our staff are on the Goethe Institut Referentenliste, available to give presentations to regional groups of the GDI on topics within their areas of expertise.






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