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DHM online
German Historical Museum Online

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Online fulltext version of an excellent series of introductory guides to key areas of German history, politics and society, issued by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Topics range from Umweltpolitik to France to Germany in the 70s and 80s. 

Aspekte: ZDF-Kulturmagazin

German Internet Project
Virtual museum of German cultural, linguistic and literary history. 

Germany is wunderbar
Database of German museums, exhibitions, artists, monuments

Europäische Zeitungsausschnittsammlungen
Mostly German and Austrian, on literature, film, dance etc. 

A comprehensive daily listing and review of cultural, political and especially literary news items, from the principal German-language newspapers and journals 

Sight and Sight
An English version of the fabulous perlentaucher site

Zeitgeschichte online
German History

Zeitzeugenportal - Deutschland

Zeitzeugenportal - Österreich


Other Resources

humorous issues on German history, language, people. For advanced learners, individual & groups

Migration & Integration in Germany
Goethe Institute - databases, institutions, projects on Migration  & Integration in Germany

heimat-deutschland  History, travel, customs, cuisine, technology, fairytales, and much more

Floribelle, Fairytales to invent and complete

Words of the day - Which words are used most on a given day - from newspapers and news agencies.  Daily from 7am.  Wortschatzportal der Uni Leipzi

Migration Archive Authentic audio files on migration.  Life stories & anecdotes from guest workers and refugees.

Sounds of Germany Subscribe to Podcast 'Sounds of Germany' for news in the German Music industry - German singers/musicians/bands, interviews, links to useful materials, etc

100 Questions on Germany How many will you know...? 

Lust auf Deutschland  interactive map of Germany with various topics to help youprepare for your trip to Germany


Interactive Quiz games

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discover Europe


Learn German and Germany   virtual trip through Germany while answering questions and solving riddles & puzzles


German Democratic Republic

Subject search engine for the GDR 

Die DDR im WWW


Chronik der Mauer

Materialien zu Chronik der Mauer

Centre for East German Studies, University of Reading: archive

Cold War International History Project
Comprehensive databank of entries and links on the themes of GDR, Wende and Reunification.
Information on GDR films and filmstars, as well as a regularly updated current tv screening schedule of GDR films and tv series.

Frauenkirche Dresden
In February 1945, Dresden's Frauenkirche - one of the most beautiful examples of Protestant Baroque architecture - collapsed in the wake of the Allies' bombardment of the city. Sixty years later, this symbol of Dresden has been restored to its former glory and once again dominates the city's skyline. "Building Bridges - Living Reconciliation"

Dresden - History
Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, conveys a deeply moving impression of its eventful history. Dresden: A City Without a Centre?
Virtual museum containing a collection of GDR consumer goods and everyday objects.
Facts and infos on the GDR.

The Berlin Wall 1961-1989: Mauer, Wende und Vereinigung: Texte, Bilder und Kommentare

Chronik der Wende
Day-by-day TV and radio reports, documents, biographies, archives. From the Ostdeutscher Rundfunk, Brandenburg

Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung, Potsdam

Department of German


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