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1 Sep 2020
Geography Department, University College Cork

This plan represents an overview of how we expect our classes to be delivered during Semester 1, 2020. 

Our plan is provisional and may change if circumstances or regulations facing students and academic staff change due to COVID 19.  You will see that our offer for the next academic semester foresees us being able to deliver some blended modules (a mixture of face to face and online) and some fully online.

Please consult the University’s Book of Modules for further information about the content and mode of assessment of individual modules. If you have queries about these modules, please contact the module lecturers in the first instance. Email details are on the Geography Website

Please note the following very carefully:

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the maximum permitted class size will be 50, including the lecturer.

In the case of Blended modules where the enrolment numbers exceed the maximum allowed inside lecture theatres, rotas for attendance will be established once students have registered their module choices.

All lectures will also be recorded and will be available via Canvas, the university’s online virtual learning environment, so that students will be guaranteed access to lecture material.

When online modules are described as ‘asynchronous’, this means that the class will not be delivered live at their scheduled slot in the timetable, but pre-recorded and posted online.

Students can only expect more specific details about the timing of their face-to-face classes after Registration is completed and student numbers are finalised.

How classes will be delivered during Semester 1, 2020


Department of Geography


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