Current Activities

About Current Centre Activities

The key elements of the activities of the Centre over the next five years are:

  1. carrying out a detailed training needs assessment for water quality monitoring in sub-Saharan Africa and the development of a training strategy to meet those needs;
  2. working closely with UN Environment Regional Offices and GEMS/Water National Focal Points to prepare capacity development strategies for the other world regions;
  3. development of training materials for face to face and on-line delivery in partnership with GEMS/Water Regional Hubs, focusing initially on the Latin American and Caribbean Regions together with the National Water Agency (ANA) in Brazil;
  4. organisation and delivery of workshops and provision of expert advice on monitoring programme design and implementation in Africa and other world regions as required
  5. development of a suite of technical training courses on water quality monitoring and assessment available in a variety of delivery modes, with a particular focus on initial implementation in Africa and then to all regions on-line;
  6. tailor-made training and assistance in the Centre,
  7. development of a “training the trainers” programme to be delivered globally in a blended learning format;
  8. updating and production of appropriate guidebooks and handbooks to accompany training courses.

UNEP GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre

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