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Cead Mile Failte

Thank you for visiting the Food Business and Development website. You're extremely welcome. Our Department is a multi-disciplinary team focusing on the practical solution of key problems in the real world. The issues we engage in are directly linked to the historical mission and traditions of the University, in particular, the development of Ireland's food industry, with particular concern for the well-being of indigenous agriculture, the central importance of multi-purpose co-operatives, rural and local development and the promotion and support of industries rooted in the communities of Ireland.

On this site, you'll find detailed information on our unique undergraduate, postgraduate and adult education programmes, and on our research and publications in the fields of Food Business, Co-operative Business, Rural Development and International Development. How can we be of help to you? If you are like most of our visitors you will probably fit into one of the following groups

Prospective students: 

If you are looking for undergraduate or postgraduate studies which explore exciting issues and grapple with urgent real-world problems, we believe that our portfolio of programmes will be what you are looking for. The BSc Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship is the flagship of our undergraduate programmes, offering a unique blend of business and technical skills, essential ingredients in the growth and development of Ireland's food and agriculture-based industries. We also offer exciting postgraduate programmes including the Higher Diploma/MSc in Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing and Rural Development, the MSc in Food Business and the MBS in Food Marketing. These are unique, problem-centred programmes, combining business skills with development issues, conducted in a participative environment, and providing built-in work experience.

Researchers and fellow academics:

We are linked into an ever expanding circle of research activities, local, national, European and world-wide, and are constantly looking for partners to work with us in areas of mutual interest. We invite you to look at our research interests and publications and tell us about your own work so that we can explore together the possibility of collaboration.


We keep in constant contact with practitioners in the fields of  food business, co-operative business, rural development and international development. We co-operate with industry by placing students for work experience, inviting practitioners to participate as guest lecturers and co-researchers, offering consulting services linked to research and publications, and providing life-long learning opportunities. On this website you will learn about the unique, distance education programmes which enable practitioners to keep up-to-date without unduly disrupting work and family life.


Last, but by no means least, we're particularly happy to welcome old friends, our own graduates, to this site. We encourage you to keep in touch with us, so that we can help you assess and meet your life-long learning needs, as well as stay in touch with friends from your student days.

This website provides you with information about the programmes and activities of the Department of Food Business and Development, plus information on the Centre for Co-operative Studies with which the Department works closely. Feel free to explore these pages and to seek additional information about any of our activities. We shall be glad to answer your questions.

Go raibh maith agat.

Professor Michael Ward

Head, Department of Food Business and Development; 
Director, Centre for Co-operative Studies

Department of Food Business and Development

Gnó agus Forbairt an Bhia

O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork