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Research Overview

 Our research focuses on the chemistry, nutri-functional and techno-functional properties of foods across the supply chain; with particular emphasis on dairy. Current research is examining:

  • Effects of farming practices, cow feeding systems, seasonality, breeds and dairy processing technologies on the composition and quality of milk
  • Identification of biomarkers and tools for the prediction and verification of milk feed source and techno-functional properties.
  • 1H-NMR metabolomics is being used to examine factors that are effecting and affected by the milk and rumen metabolome.


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Project Title: Examination of the Irish milk metabolome for improved prediction of milk processability and sustainability The goal of MetaBo-bainne is to characterise and define the Irish milk metabolome using NMR Metabolomics and examine factors affecting the milk metabolome such as cow breed, EBI, diet and seasonality and factors affected by the milk metabolome including important functional properties that can affect the processability of milk and correlations between milk metabolites and methane emissions. This data will then offer important insights for the development of tools for prediction of milk processability, milk source i.e Grass-Fed labelling, and sustainability.

Funding: DAFM

Collaborators:  Dr Seamus O’Mahony, Dr Lorraine Bateman, Prof. Anita Maguire Prof. Frank Buckley - UCC, Dr Noel McCarthy and Dr Michael Dineen - Teagasc

Years: 2022-2026

For more information, the latest news and updates on the Metabó-Bainne project can be found here



Project Title: A multidisciplinary approach to increasing the nitrogen use efficiency of pasture- based systems

Funding: DAFM

Collaborators: Dr Michael Dineen [Lead]; Teagasc, Dr Seamus O'Mahony; UCC, Dr Lorraine Bateman; UCC.

Years: 2022-2026


Mixed Swards 

Cow - Foodie Research Group UCC


Project Title: Consequences of the grazed pasture diversity on annual variability of nutritional value and technological properties of milk, and nutritional status of Holstein-Friesian and Jersey Holstein-Friesian crossbred dairy cows.

Funding: Teagasc

Project Overview: Examine the impact of multi-species swards in the dairy cow diets on the composition, quality and characteristics of milk and dairy products.

Years: 2021-2025 

Milk Fat Depression 


Project Title: The Investigation of Milk Fat Depression in Dairy Cattle.

Funding: Teagasc

Project Overview: Examination of the factors affecting the prevalence of milk fat depression in pasture based dairy production systems.

Years: 2020-2021 


Pasture - Foodie Research Group School of Food and Nutritional Sciences UCC


Project Title: Development of strategies to reduce methane in dairy cows

Funding: VistaMilk

Project Overview: Evaluate the impact of grassland management, grass quality, grazing profile and the animal itself on methane emissions.

Collaborators: Prof. Laurence Shalloo - Teagasc [Lead]; Dr Ben Lahart - Teagasc, Prof. Frank Buckley - UCC [Co-Lead];




DPTC - UCC Image


Project Title: Pilar 1.2

Role: Collaborator

Funding: Enterprise Ireland



FHI image - Foodie Group UCC


Project Title: Grass-Fed Pillar

Homepage - Food for Health Ireland

Role: Collaborator/Principal Investigator

Funding: Enterprise Ireland

Project Overview: Creating marketable differentiation on the basis of nutrition, health benefits and sensory attributes.


School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Room 240 Food Science Building, University College, Cork