• Enhancement of heat stability during wet processing using alterations to processing parameters and formulation adjustments
  • Mechanical integrity of agglomerated powders during pneumatic conveying and dry blending and management of fines in dairy processing
  • Dairy powder characterisation, predictive drying and rehydration properties of dairy based powders/blends
  • Innovative technologies to increase energy efficiency during drying of dairy protein ingredients
  • New protein fractions for nutritional, medical and therapeutic applications prepared by innovative separation technology
  • Combining in-factory product streams for development of new dairy ingredients
  • Quality by design in the dairy industry
  • Proteins for infant formula
  • Development of a plant-based infant food formulation
  • Mineral fortification strategies for formulated nutritional products
  • Dehydration/rehydration dynamics for development of SMART dairy ingredients
  • Valorisation of whey protein-based side-streams as potential source of techno-functional ingredients


Funding Bodies

Science Foundation Ireland

Enterprise Ireland

Irish Research Council

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 

Fullbright Commission

Horizon 2020

Food Industry Partnership Board

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

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