Day 1




St. Peter’s Cork, North Main Street

Thursday 7th - Saturday 9th, 10.00-16:30

Admission Free

Suspended aims to bring life to lost stories and give a voice to those forgotten in the fog of time. Accompanied by a sound piece created by accomplished sound designer Ruairí De Búrca in the historical St Peters Cork, this exhibition is a collection of postcards and photographs which has been found in the heart of Cork. These pieces contain vibrant and interesting memories which have been eagerly awaiting rediscovery and a chance to once again be cherished. Suspended hopes to illuminate old stories and to bring them into modern day. Rebound Arts Festival invites you to join us in this journey of rediscovery.

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Cork City Library, Grand Parade

Monday 4th - Saturday 9th, 10.00 - 17.30

Admission Free


Panel Discussion

Granary Theatre

Friday 8th, 11.00 - 11.45

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Through the work of visual artists Danielle Sheehy and Isabella Dogliani, this event explores ways in which dyslexia impacts the lives of roughly 10% of the population. Alphabet Soup is a celebratory arts exhibition that highlights the achievements of neurodiverse and dyslexic people. Bringing together artists and experts in the field, Alphabet Soup explores dyslexia through art, audio and an educational panel.

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Thursday 7th - Saturday 9th, 10.00-16:30

St. Peter’s Cork, North Main Street

Free Admission


In-conversation with Frank O’Connor & Jude Sherry

Friday 8th, 13.00

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 host/ghost presents an exhibition of works by four emerging Cork-based artists, Melanie McGrath, Emma Price, Ben Walsh and Lily O’Shea, engaging with the increasing culture of neglect and dereliction in our urban spaces. Their work will examine the effects of this social issue on their own artistic practice and local communities. Taking place at St. Peter’s, a former church now used as an arts venue, host/ghost will highlight the potential meanwhile-use of such spaces as short-term hosts for artistic purposes. host/ghost will also present an in-conversation segment with the exhibiting artists, who will be invited to discuss the themes explored in their work, as well as local activists Frank O’Connor and Jude Sherry, Directors of the design agency anois and organisers of the Walking Tour to End Dereliction in Cork and Dublin.


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Theatre Lab, Connolly Complex, Western Road, UCC

Flower Arranging Workshop

Friday 8th, 10.00 - 13.00

Tickets €15




Theatre Lab, Connolly Complex, Western Road, UCC

Oil Painting Workshop

Friday 8th, 14.30 - 17.30

Tickets €15




Inner-Journeying is workshop-based and incorporates a series of live art demonstrations aimed towards raising awareness of mental health issues within the community, especially anxiety and depression following on from the experience of isolation brought about through Covid-19. Local artists will exhibit products (paintings and crafts) and demonstrate making with a live audience, providing an opportunity for participants to create their own artworks with participating artists as their guides. The central idea of this event aims to use the creative process to forge connections between one’s mind and body, offering insights into the many forms of art therapeutic experience including freedom of artistic expression and interpretation as a means of reducing stress and increasing mental wellbeing. It is hoped that the interactions between artists and participants may help to heal and reconnect us to one another through art.

Each live art session will invite participants to enter a gallery-style space where they can view and reflect on completed artworks of the artist they will then be working with. Following this short exhibit, participants will join the artist in a second space to observe a live demonstration by the artist. After the demonstration, participants will have the opportunity to create their own works based on the techniques shown by the artist. Each session will last approximately 2 hours and participants will be guided through their creations by the artist. On completion of the session, participants are welcome to return to the gallery space to spend time with the exhibit.




Granary Theatre

Friday 8th, 16:00 - 21.00

Admission Free, Register Online

Elements of this event may trigger a strong emotional reaction.




Dreams Blown Into Water explores dimensions of foreignness in a newly curated performative-based photography and video art exhibition. In this cross-cultural communication between Ireland and Turkey, using womanhood as a common language, two emerging female artists will create works that confront authority by examining cultural contexts in terms of gender roles. With many visual indicators such as icons, symbols and images dependent on the relationship between women and water, the artists’ mixed-media exploration utilises aquatic rituals as a core element for this exhibition.

The audience is encouraged to share their reflections, both of the exhibition and their pre-existing experiences of these themes, by contributing to a written journal available at the venue. A supplementary addition to this event entitled: Representation of women in contemporary art, is it cha(lle)nging?, will be available online to include artist interviews with Maureen Considine and Ayşegül Kaycı and contemporary debates on the themes explored.

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Granary Studio

Friday 8th, 19:30

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Unspoken is a dance performance based on the tale of The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde. Through the performance we ask how story may be revealed through the body. In shifting from written text to bodily movement we explore societal expectations about story and we reconsider the act of telling in its most basic human form. The aim is to capture the nuances that movement can bring to the art of storytelling and allow the audience to understand or interpret the story from their own perspective.

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plugd records, Cornmarket Street

Friday 8th, 20.00 - 21.30

Tickets €10



Resolution is an informative and interactive workshop that provides audiences with an opportunity to learn about ways in which contemporary music can be produced. Following the release of his debut album Naruda on April 1st, experienced music producer Cian Sweeney (1000 Beasts) will act as the artist, disassembling a recording track by track. Audience members will get to see each of the layers involved in music production and then participate in a live recording themselves. Cian will use samples from the attendees to create an original track during the event. Participants will leave with a better understanding of and appreciation for music production.


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Massive Chats is a once off podcast that invites you to hear from some of Cork’s most experienced and respected youth arts facilitators. This podcast primarily focuses on a range of youth arts; from dance, visual arts, theatre and music and their affect on young people. The podcast will explore how young people relied on the arts as a tool for social integration and as an outlet for personal expression during the pandemic. It will also address the barriers of accessibility to the arts and look at the current opportunities for LGBTQ in youth arts. This podcast aims to promote reflection from listeners and hopes to inspire more young people to enter the world of the arts.


Department of Theatre

Roinn na hAmharclannaíochta

Muskerry Villas, Western Road, Cork City T12 AW97