Performance and Workshop by Improvised Music Ensemble with Support from Arts Council of Ireland

20 Mar 2017

“A colorful, sometimes violent and revelatory listening experience that infuses modern aesthetics with the spirit of the ancient.” John Morrison (Jazz Right Now).

FUAIM and UCC Music Department are excited to be presenting a performance and workshop by Sirene 1009. With funding from the Arts Council of Ireland, the ensemble makes their Cork debut with a free concert at 1:10pm on Friday, 7 April 2017 at the Aula Maxima, UCC.

Sirene 1009, “a fierce, adventurous band that goes… into the unknown, fearlessly in search of the new” (David Menestres, Free Jazz), features the cyborg virtuosity of Han-earl Park, the indomitable low-end growl of Dominic Lash, the unstoppable hits and clangs of Mark Sanders, and the controlled vocal mayhem of Caroline Pugh.


Following the performance, the ensemble will also host a group improvisation workshop at 2:30pm. More information:


Presented with funding from the Arts Council of Ireland, and support from FUAIM: Music at UCC and UCC Music Department.

Department of Music

Roinn an Cheoil

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