New MA in Experimental Sound Practice

27 Mar 2018

UCC’s new and ground-breaking MA in Experimental Sound Practice is now open to applications! It is designed for artists of any discipline whose practice involves an adventurous engagement with sound. Taught Modules explore many areas including music technology, improvisation, experimental music, sound art, field recording and sound studies, and lead up to a large-scale portfolio of creative work involving sound in any discipline.

This extraordinary course welcomes anyone who incorporates sound into an enterprising and inventive approach to their art, including music composers, improvisers, and performers; DJs and laptop artists; sound artists; installation artists; painters, photographers, videographers, film-makers and sculptors; field recordists; those who programme computers and hack electronics for artistic purposes; performance artists, dancers and choreographers; multimedia and intermedia artists and more.


Do you want something new and exciting for your work? Are you eager to branch out and see what’s out there? Are you open to exploration, radical ideas, the experimental, the novel, the unconventional? Are you excited by cutting edge art? This course is for you, no matter what your background!

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MU6100 Expanded Instrument Systems (10 credits)

MU6101 Digital Music and Media Composition (10 credits)

MU6102 Composing in Real Time (10 credits)

MU6103 Sound Art (5 credits)

MU6104 Composing with Field Recordings (5 credits)

MU6105 Experimental Music (5 credits)

MU6031 Sound Studies and Musicology (5 credits)

MU6024 Portfolio (30 credits)

and 10 credits worth of electives



John Godfrey (course coordinator): I am a professional performer of contemporary art music, an improviser, a composer and ensemble director. I am the Founder/director of Quiet Music Ensemble, co-founder/MD of Icebreaker, and a founding member of Crash Ensemble. My interests include Experimental Music, improvisation, programming with Max/MSP, performance of contemporary music, extended instrumental techniques, artistic collaboration.;;


Dr. Jeffrey Weetercomposes with music and light, designs real-time multimedia instruments, plays the drums and performs musically with technology. He is director of the Cork Audio Visual Ensemble (CAVE) which premiered “The Box” at the International Computer Music/Sound and Music Computing Conference in Athens, Greece. His work was also recently performed at The sonADA Festival, the Kunsthaus in Zurich, the !f Istanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival, and the Cork Film Festival. During 2011 and again in 2012, collaborations with electronic musician Kate Simko toured the world, touching every continent. As an educator, Dr Weeter created the first music composition MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) of it's kind in collaboration with Kadenze, leaders in learning creative technologies online. The course "Loop: Repetition and Variation in Music", has been taken by thousands across the globe. He completed his Doctorate in Music Composition from Northwestern University, served five years as an audio engineer for the Emmy winning “Oprah Winfrey Show”, Harpo Studios, Chicago and is currently a Lecturer in Music Composition at University College Cork, Ireland.


Dr. Karen Power: internationally renowned composer, improviser. I use two primary sources in my creative output; acoustic instruments and everyday sound-objects and soundscapes. My creative output is diverse; recent projects have been presented as orchestral works, sonic installations, collaborations between sound and dance, sound and image, free improvisations, solo instrumental works, duets and musical happenings. Every day environments and how we hear every day sounds lies at the core of my practice with a continued interest in blurring the distinction between what most of us call ‘music’ and all other sound.


Danny McCarthy: internationally renowned Sound Artist, Performance Artist and improviser. He has pioneered both performance art and sound art in Ireland and he continues to be a leading exponent; he has exhibited throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China and Japan. He is a founder member of sonic improvisation collectives Quiet Club and Strange Attractor. Founder Director of the celebrated annual Cork improvisation event Sonic Vigil. He has released many CDs. Current or previous Director of many institutions, including Triskel Arts Centre, National Sculpture Factory, Sirius Arts Centre, National College Of Art & Design, Art Trail, Sculptors Society Of Ireland.


Jill Rogers: Musicologist, with specialist interests in Sound Studies, Music and Trauma, fin-de-siècle musical cultures, French modernism, affect and psychoanalytic theory, and performance studies.


In addition, the Music Department of UCC has staff and tutors offering world class tuition in Irish Traditional Music, Jazz and Popular Music, Ethnomusicology, Music Education and more.

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