1:10 PM, 31 Jan 2020 - , Aula Maxima

Irish Guitar Quartet [Concert]

The new FUAIM Spring 2020 season continues this Friday in the Aula Maxima, when we welcome back the wonderful Irish Guitar Quartet.
Please join us for a treat of a programme that ranges from Bach and Boccherini to Atkins and Assad.

The Irish Guitar Quartet (IGQ) -
Jerry Creedon, David Keating, Fiona Falvey and Aengus Kirakowski - is one of Ireland’s most exciting music ensembles, performing a wide range of music from Baroque to Contemporary fusion. Utilising the wonderful versatility of the instrument to create textures and ambience, the IGQ have left nation-wide audiences spellbound.

The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself’ - Ludwig van Beethoven
Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, except, possibly two’ - Frederic Chopin
Great minds think alike! If only Chopin had heard four guitars!

Bluezilian                                                                            Clarice Assad (b. 1978)
Cafezinho                                                                           Matthew Dunne (b. 1959)
Opals (1993)                                                                       Phillip Houghton (1954-2017)
Black Opal -  Water Opal – White Opal
Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 BWV 10511                         J.S. Bach (1685 - 1750)
arr.  James F. Smith
Allegro -  Adagio Ma Non Tanto – Allegro

Introduction and Fandango                                               Luigi Boccherini (1743 - 1805)
Blue Echo / Country Gentleman                                        Chet Atkins (1924 - 2001)

Free. Organised by FUAIM

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