Diploma in Food Science & Tech 2017 visit to HeinekenThe Diploma in Food Science and Technology gave me an opportunity to learn more about my area and in particular to help me understand the major principles of food technology

"I found the Diploma in Food Science & Technology programme was very good and hugely beneficial to me personally and in my career profession. The programme enabled me to move roles to a higher mid management position."


 “The Diploma in Corporate Direction (Food Business) offered a great opportunity to participate in a third level qualification. The Diploma should be compulsory for new board members as it offers great value and insight into the functioning of co-operatives and business in general”


DFMM distillers tour photo“The Diploma in Food Manufacturing Management was a great educational experience for my current management role. The subject matter was very appropriate and reminded me of a quote from Einstein “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he has learned in school”. Additionally leaving the workplace for participation in workshops was a great confidence building experience. The social and academic aspects were a good mixture and confirmed the view that “The workplace isn’t worth a great deal if it allows people to make a living and doesn’t allow them to make a life.”


“Doing the Diploma in Speciality Food Production was such a fulfilling experience. As well as benefiting from the diversity and depth of the modules studied, going back to College was a huge boost from a personal viewpoint – giving me the confidence to launch my new business, as well as getting to know a great, like-minded group of people.”

video testimonial alexandra ross, thumbailSee here for 3 short video testimonials from recent Diploma in Speciality Food Production graduates


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