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25 May 2021



Traditionally, membrane filtration is carried out at high temperature due to its associated benefits such as low fluid viscosity, high mass flow etc. However, undesirable microbial growth in the filtration system poses significant challenges for filtration performance and plant hygiene. Application of cold temperature in membrane filtration is gaining momentum in recent years, due to the advantages like low microbial growth and high product quality. This webinar will focus on understanding the role of cold temperature in membrane filtration processing and its associated opportunities and challenges in developing dairy ingredients

Speaker Bio: 

Ritika Puri is a Marie Curie Career-FIT Research Fellow in Food Ingredients Research Group at UCC working with Dr Seamus O’Mahony. Ritika’s research aims to develop greater understanding with regards to the impact of processing technology on the membrane filtration performance during separation and fractionation of the milk constituents and resulting quality and functionality of the fractions for applicability in premium applications. She has a PhD in Dairy Technology from National Dairy Research Institute, India. 

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