Revenue Information

  1. Registering your employment
  2. Working Abroad
  3. Tax Exclusion Orders
  4. Taxation of Membership Fees/Subscriptions paid by UCC on behalf of staff members

1. Registering your employment

All new members of staff who have had previous employment should submit a Form P45 to the Payroll Office as soon as employment commences.   If your previous employment was within the Public Sector then a PRD Certificate should also be submitted.


If you have not previously worked in Ireland you will need to fill in a form 12A which should then be returned to Revenue.

Form 12A is available to download from


If you have previously worked in Ireland but do not have a Form P45 you should contact Revenue and request Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-Off Point. The information you need for this is listed below.


If you are employed elsewhere you still need to register your employment with UCC so that you do not underpay your tax. The tax office will advise you as to the split of the credits and cut-off available to you to your best advantage.

As per Revenue ruling we will apply Emergency Tax to your pay until you register your employment.

The 2015 rates for Emergency tax are as follows: First monthly payment you pay 20% tax (cut off €2817) applied with a credit of €138. Second monthly payment you pay 20% tax (cut off €2817) with zero tax credit. Third and subsequent payments you pay 40% tax on all earnings with zero tax credit.


For more information on the Tax Credit System refer to   


Lo Call 1890222425

Office of the Revenue Commission

Revenue House

Assumption Road,




UCC Employer Registered Number 0006286E


2. Working Abroad Revenue Information


3. Tax Exclusion Orders 

Tax Exclusion Orders relate to A) Individuals going to work and/or live abroad: and (B) Individuals coming to work and/or live in the state  - please see


4. Membership Fee/Subscription Reimbursement Form/Subscriptions paid by UCC on behalf of staff members

Finance Office

North Wing, Main Quadrangle, University College Cork, Cork T12 YN60