Revenue Information

  1. PAYE Modernisation
  2. Working Abroad
  3. Tax Exclusion Orders
  4. Taxation of Membership Fees/Subscriptions paid by UCC on behalf of staff members


1. PAYE Modernisation or real time reporting comes into effect on 1st January 2019:  

  1. This is to ensure that Revenue, Employers and Employees are always working with the most up to date and accurate information
  2. Employers must record and process payroll taxes and charges correctly and on time and submit a file to Revenue every pay cycle
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY employees now manage how their allowances and credits are assigned. This is done through Revenue website using My Account. Employers can no longer log onto Revenue and check individual employee tax credits and cut off. Revenue will now only allow employees to view and amend their own details. If you would prefer to speak to a Revenue agent, the main contact telephone number for Revenue is 01-7383636 or if ringing from a landline you could also use 1890 22 24 25. If you would like more information about Revenue’s online services please follow this link .


There will be no more P45’s issued for employments that finish in 2019. RPN's (tax credit certs) will be replaced by real time reporting and the start and finish dates of employments will be returned with the pay information each week or month. Employees can also start or end an employment themselves but you should only do this when you change your employer.


2. Working Abroad Revenue Information


3. Tax Exclusion Orders 

Tax Exclusion Orders relate to A) Individuals going to work and/or live abroad: and (B) Individuals coming to work and/or live in the state.


Contact – The Revenue Commissioners, International Claims Section, Collector General Division, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Telephone: 00353 6763114    email:

For more information:


4. Membership Fee/Subscription Reimbursement Form/Subscriptions paid by UCC on behalf of staff members

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