Policies & Procedures


Weekly payroll – all timesheets to be received by 12.00pm Monday. Work done on overtime, must have been carried out, no earlier than two weeks from the Monday, that the payment request for same arrives in Payroll.

Monthly Payroll - all timesheets to be received by the 15th of each month

Research funded payments to be submitted to Research Accounts by the 8th of each month

Christmas – date to be notified 

Revenue PAYE

It is the responsibility of each employee to contact Revenue and register their employment with us. You can do this by handing in a P45 document to this office or contacting the tax office directly to request Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-Off Point.

We will apply Emergency Tax to your record until you register your employment.

For further details please refer to revenue.ie

Annual Professional Membership Fee/Subscription Policy Document

Professional Subscriptions Policy 

Membership Claim Form

Payments Annual Professional Membership Fee/Subscription Policy Document

Payments are made directly to your bank account via Paypath

Payday is the last working day of each month or every Friday for weekly paid employees.

Pension Levy – PRD

All staff working elsewhere with an entitlement to an occupational public sector pension must notify us of same, so that the Pension Levy may be deducted.

Hiring of Staff

For information on the hiring of staff please refer to the Dept. of Human Resources

Finance Office

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