Your Payslip - Glossary of Terms

The following are brief explanations of some of the terms which may appear on your payslip


PPS Number – Personal Public Service Number

The Personal Public Service Number (PPS No.) is an individual’s unique reference number for all dealings with the Public Service, including social welfare, tax, education and health services eligibility


Paye – Pay As You Earn

This is the amount of tax payable by you to the Revenue Commissioners.


P.R.S.I. – Pay Related Social Insurance

The PRSI contribution, normally payable by employer and employee, is a percentage of the employee's reckonable earnings.


Accident Ins. – Personal Accident Insurance

This scheme is compulsory.  It applies to all employees and provides cover for accidents 24 hours a day worldwide.  All medical expenses are recoverable.  For further information -


I.C.P. – Income ProtectionPlan

For further information please click here.


Vol. Life – Voluntary Life

For further information please click here.


Additional Superannuation Contribution (ASC)

The Additional Superannuation Contribution applies to individuals who are accruing pensionable benefits in respect of their current employment.



This term usually appears twice on your payslip. Please note that you are making just one pension contribution overall.  Further information can be obtained from our Pension’s office ext. 3449


USC – Universal Social Charge

The Universal Social Charge is a tax payable on gross income.  If you are a full medical card holder you are exempt from paying the higher rate of USC.

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