Covid-19 Once-Off Emergency Grant (Rebate)

The Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science has introduced a Covid-19 Emergency Grant of €250 for further and higher education students

All full-time EU (European Union) undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for the payments in recognition of the significant upheaval they have experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fee Credit or Rebate

Most students will receive a Fee Credit applied to their fee balance. Some students are eligible for a fee rebate (where money will be sent to their nominated bank account). Read on for more information on each. 

Fee Credit Eligibility

 For most students the Fee Credit now been applied to your fee account in the following ways.

  • If you have fees outstanding, your balance has been reduced by €250.
  • If you do not have fees outstanding, this credit will be utilised against your fees for academic year 2021-2022.
  • If you are a final year student with no balance outstanding, please read on for how the Fee Rebate will be available to you.
  • If you are a currently registered student (as of 1 Nov 2020) who will not be progressing beyond the academic year 2021, please read on for how the Fee Rebate will be available to you. 

Fee Rebate Eligibility

The following student cohorts will have the €250 refund transferred to a bank account selected by the student: 

  1. Students registered with UCC as of 1 November 2020 who will not progress beyond the end of the academic year 2021
  2. Not in receipt of SUSI funding for this Academic Year.
  3. Final year students or those that have recently withdrawn from their programme.

How to access your rebate

If you are eligible for a rebate (and not a Fee Credit):

  • UCC will send an email to your student mail account.
  • UCC will also send a text to you informing you that we have sent an email to your student mail.
  • This mail will include a link to where you can provide bank details.
  • On submission of your bank details UCC will forward your grant payment to the bank account indicated.
  • This may take up to 5 working days.
  • UCC will send an email to your student email confirming that the payment has been forwarded to your account. 

Submitting your bank details

A secure site has been made available for you to submit bank details:

  1. Log into your student email.
  2. Select the link within the email UCC has sent to you (in order to access this link you must be signed in to your UCC student account)
  3. This will open a form where you can submit your details.
  4. Please take care to enter the details correctly as you can only submit this form once. You will be asked to submit:
    1. Your Name
    2. Bank Account Details (Not a student Loan account)
    3. IBAN: An example is shown. Nearly all IBAN’s are 22 characters. It is important to enter all the characters of the IBAN and to do so correctly – take care not to enter letters as numbers
    4. BIC: (This can also be referred to as the ‘SWIFT’ code or ‘Bank Identifier Code’) Again, take care to enter the characters correctly.
  5. Select 'SUBMIT' to send your details to us.
  6. A copy of your response will be sent to your student email.

Types of bank account that are acceptable

The payment can be sent to any current account of your preference. It cannot be sent to a Student Loan account

It can also be sent to a non-Irish current account where there are fewer than 22 characters in your IBAN. Where there are more than 22 characters in your IBAN, we will not be able to process from this submission form and you will need to contact the fees office directly (this contact form will require you to log in with your UCC student account. Please use the subject Non-Irish Bank Account when submitting your query).

Qualifying for payment

Please familiarise yourself with the criteria outlined above and used by UCC to determine qualifying students for the transfer of payment.

If you do not meet the criteria, then we will not have forwarded correspondence to you in relation to this payment.

If you believe that you do meet the criteria as outlined above, then please let us know and we will do our best to rectify this if there has been an error. Submit a query to us (you will need to be logged in with your UCC student account) with the subject 'Qualifying student for Covid €250 payment to student.'

If you're receiving a SUSI Grant

All students awarded funding by SUSI for academic year 2020/21 and confirmed as registered will receive the Covid-19 Once Off Emergency Grant of €250. SUSI will pay the grant directly to students through their registered bank account.

Any other issues or queries

If you have any other issues or queries in relation to the Fee Credit or Fee Rebate, please submit a query to us

Fees Office

Fees Office, North Wing, Main Quadrangle, University College Cork