Capital Accounting Office

The Capital Acccounting function, located within the Finance Office, has responsibility for

  • The accounting and financial reporting of Capital Projects within UCC
  • The preparation and submission on a timely basis of capital claims to the relevant funding bodies
  • The maintenance of the UCC Central Fixed Asset Register.

Capital Projects Overview

Once a Capital Project is approved a new project code is assigned and set up on Agresso.

Capital Projects fall into two types of projects:

           1. Projects that are managed by the Building and Estates office

  • These are typically large Buildings Projects

  • Examples would be the Western Gateway Building and the Maritime and Energy Research Building

  • These projects start with CA**** on Agresso


     2. Miscellaneous Equipment Projects

  • These generally fall under HEA PRTLI and other funding programmes

  • These projects start with CM**** on Agresso

    All capital projects are linked with a Capital Project Leader, Cost Centre and Authorised Signatory where appropriate.

    Please contact Capital Accountant Eithne Beasley to set up a Capital Project Code.

    Contact details-    Email:     Tel: 021 4903550

Capital Projects Internal Reporting

The Capital Accounting Office prepares a Capital Progress Report for each meeting of the Finance Committee, reporting on all Capital Projects' Expenditure, Receipts, Budgets and Deficits to date with a detailed commentary on movement since the previous meeting.

Monthly Reports

  • Expenditure reports are issued to Buildings and Estates, the Bursar and the Finance Office, reporting Capital Expenditure by project

  • Monthly Capital Progress reports are emailed to Project Managers and Buildings & Estates reporting on all active Capital Projects. The reports provide details of expenditure versus budget and highlight the balance to spend

Capital Projects External Reporting

          Funding Body Reports

  • Prepare and submit periodic Financial Reports to Funding Bodies in a timely manner, as requested

  • Review expenditure in line with Funding Bodies' terms and conditions

  • Overview and manage external audits from Funding Bodies and European Commission


    Private Donor Reporting

  • Prepare and submit periodic Financial Reports to Private Donors to facilitate the drawdown of funding for UCC



  • Full compliance & co-operation with all Auditing Bodies and their staff

Finance Office

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