Financial Aid Fund Assessment Tool

Introduction to the Financial Aid Fund Assessment Tool

All part time students who intend to apply for the Financial Aid Fund should visit the other sections of this website and review the eligibility criteria and financial documentation requirements prior to completing this assessment tool. Please pay particular attention to the Case Studies section of our website for typical examples.

Please click on the link below to access the Financial Aid Fund Assessment Tool

Financial Aid Part Time Assessment Tool


  • You must complete this assessment tool as it forms a mandatory part of your application to the Financial Aid Fund.
  • You are required to login using your UCC student credentials (your UCC student admin portal details - umail and password).
  • Your use of the assessment tool is not an application for the Finanical Aid Fund and it is not an assessment by the committee of your financial documents for an award.
  • When the assessment tool is completed and submitted, an email will be sent to your UCC umail account with the list of financial documentation required for your application based on the answers you have given to the various questions asked. This is a guide only.
  • If you do not receive this email, please check your junk and spam folders. Otherwise, you will need to recomplete the SAF assessment tool.
  • You must then fill out the Finaiicial Aid Fund application form, attach a print out of the Financial Aid Fund Assessment Tool email output and the relevant financial documentation for your household situation.
  • Then you need to submit all of these to the SAF office by post or drop off.
Please click on the link below to access the Financial Aid Fund Assessment Tool

Financial Aid Part Time Assessment Tool


  • Your application will deemed to be incomplete if you do not submit a print out of the email sent to you when you complete the SAF assessment tool.
  • If you do not submit all of the relevant financial documentation for your household situation, then your application will be deemed to be incomplete.
  • All applications deemed to be incomplete will be sent an email to their UCC umail account inviting them to make an appointment with the SAF team. The only way you can progress an incomplete application is to make and attend an appointment. Therefore, please ensure you fully understand what documentation is required before you submit your application form.
  • Appointment are available at

This assessment tool should help to clarify and simplify what financial documents you need to provide for your application. Given the wide range of differing circumstances that may apply in individual cases, it is not possible for the SAF assessment tool to provide a definitive indication of financial documents required in every case. It is a guide only.

It is not a final and definitive assessment of your household financial situation as required by the Committee. This is done by the SAF Committee who can request additional information or extra documentation.

You are not bound by the outcome of your use of the Finanical Aid Fund assessment tool. The SAF Committee does not accept any liability for any action you may or may not take on the basis of that outcome.

You are not required to submit your application in person but can drop it off to the office or post it in. If you can complete the assessment tool and are satisfied with the documents you need to submit, then there is no need to make your application in person.

However, if you are unable to complete the assessment tool due to your unique situation, believe that the guidance produced from the assessment tool varies from your actual situation, had a change of circumstances, travelled or worked abroad or have a complex situation, then you need to make an appointment through our website. There are multiple options available each week so you can come and have a chat with one of our advisors. This informal chat will clarify what you need to provide to satisfy the requirements.


Financial Aid Fund Office

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