Examination Result Dates Spring 2017

Examination Result Dates Spring 2017

Examination Result Dates Spring 2017

Examination Result Dates Spring 2017


Date                                                     Programme


Available on



3 March

BSc (Nursing-  Children’s and General Integrated Nursing) V

Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Gerontological) I

Midwifery Diploma


after 4pm


10 March   

MSc (Innovation in European Business) Part I

MSc (Innovation in European Business) II, Part, IV. Degree Award


after 4pm


10  April, 

MSc (Biotechnology) I

MSc (Marine Biology) I

MSc (Molecular Cell Biology) I

MSc (Analytical Chemistry) II (2015-16)

Postgraduate Certificate in Marine Biology I

Postgraduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry II (2015-16)


after 4pm


11 April, 

BSc (Food  Science ) III 

BSc (Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship) III

BSc (Nutritional Science) III 

BSc (International Development & Food Policy) III

Higher Diploma in Food Science & Technology I


after 4pm


13 April

BSc (Public Health)  II, III

Master in Public Health  1

Master in Public Health (Online) I, II

Master of Dental Public Health I


after 4pm


14  April

BSc (Business Information Systems) III 

BSc (Government) III

BComm  III

MA in Health Economics Practice 1

MSc(Economic Business Practice I

MSc(Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems) II

MSc (Management & Marketing) I

MSc (Management and Marketing) II, Part II

MA Contemporary Chinese Culture and Business I

PhD (Digital Arts and Humanities) IV

Doctor of Business Economics III


after 4pm


25 April,

BE (Process & Chemical Engineering) III

MSc (Analytical Chemistry)  II

MSc (Analytical Chemistry) I - Please contact the

programme coordinator for further information.

MSc(Environmental Analytical Chemistry) I

MSc (Analysis of  Pharmaceutical Compounds) I

MSc (Food Microbiology) I

Postgraduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry) I

PhD (Engineering Sciences) II, III



after 4pm


26 April 

BSc (Computer Science – Single Honours) III

BSc (Computer Science – Joint Honours) III

BSc (Computer Science – Web Systems Engineering) III

MSc (Interactive Media) II


after 4pm


5 May, 

MSc (Computing Science) I

MSc (Data Science and Analytics) I


after 4pm


Adjoining Main Campus, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork