Examination Result Dates Autumn 2017

Examination Result Dates Autumn 2017



Thursday 24th August 2017

Medical I,II,III,IV

Medical (Graduate Entry)  I,II,III

BSc (Paramedic Studies) I

Monday 28th August 2017

Dental  I, II,III,IV

Dental (Graduate Entry) II

Diploma Dental Hygiene

Professional Masters of Education I

MEd (Modular – 60 Credits)

MEd (Modular 120 Credits) 

Posrgraduate Diploma in Special Needs Education I

Postgraduate Diploma  in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education I

Postgraduate Certificate  in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education I


Tuesday 29th August 2017 

BComm (International with Chinese Studies) III

BComm  (International - French)  III

BComm  (International- German)  III

BComm  (International - Italian)  III

BComm  (International - Hispanic) III

BComm  (International - Irish) III

Wednesday 30th August 2017

Medicine (Entry for BDS graduates) IV

 BSc (Public Health) I,II,III,IV

BSc (Occupational Therapy) I,II,III

BSc (Speech & Language Therapy) I,II,III,IV

 B Pharmacy I, II, III, IV

MSc Clinical Pharmacy I, II

MSc Pharmaceutical Technology & Quality Systems  I, II

Master of  Public Health  I , II, III

Master of  Public Health  I , II (Online)

Master of Dental Public Health I

MSc (Occupational Health) I, III

MSc (Occupational Health – Online) 

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Protection I

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Protection  (Online) I

Diploma Dental Nursing I

Master of Research I

CPD PF6504, PF6006

BSc (Chemistry) II, III, IV

BSc (Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds)  II, III, IV

BSc (Chemistry Forensic Science) II, III, IV

BSc (Chemical Physics) II, III

BSc (Science Education) II, III

BSc (Physics - Single Honours) II, III, IV

BSc (Astrophysics) III, IV

BSc (Physical & Mathematical Sciences  - Joint Honours) III, IV

BSc (Mathematical Sciences – Single Honours) II,III, IV

BSc (Mathematical Science – Financial Mathematics) II, III, IV

BSc (Computer  Science  - Single Honours) II, III, IV

BSc (Computer Science – Software Engineering) II

BSc (Computer  Science  - Joint Honours)  IV

BSc (Computer Science – Web Systems Engineering) II, III, IV

BSc (Risk & Actuarial Studies) III

MSc (Analytical Chemistry) I

MSc (Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds) I

MSc (Computing Science) I

MSc (Interactive Media) I, II

MSc (Actuarial Science) I,II

MSc (Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing) I

Higher Diploma in Applied Computing Technology I

Higher Diploma in Statistics I

Thursday 31st August 2017 

BSc (Genetics) II, III, IV 

BSc (Biological Sciences) II

BSc (Biotechnology) III

BSc (Biochemistry) III,IV

BSc (Environmental Plant Biotechnology) IV

BSc (Microbiology)III,IV

BSc (Neuroscience) III, IV

BSc (Physiology) III,IV

BSc (BEES) Applied Plant Biology III,IV

BSc (BEES) - Ecology & Env Biology II,III

BSc (BEES) - Ecology III

BSc (BEES) Earth Sc III

BSc (BEES) Environmental Sc II,III,IV

BSc (BEES) Geology II,III,IV

BSc (Environmental Sciences) Geology IV

BSc (BEES) Int Field Geosciences III

BSc (BEES) Applied Plant Biotechnology IV

BSc (BEES) Zoology II,III

MSc (Marine Biology) I

MSc in Applied Coastal Marine Mgt I

BSc (Biological and Chemical Sciences) I

BSc (Chemical Sciences) I

BSc (Computer Science) I

BSc (Biological, Earth & Env Sciences) I

BSc (Genetics) I

BSc (Mathematical Sciences) I

BSc (Physics and Astrophysics) I

Friday 1st September 2017

BSc (Food Science) I, II, III, IV

BSc( Nutritional Sciences)  I, II, III, IV

BSc (International Development & Food Policy I, II, III, IV

BSc (Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship) I, II, III, IV

Diploma in Food Studies  I

MSc (Food Business) I

MSc (Food Science) I

MSc (Food Microbiology) I

MSc (Bioinformatics & Comp Biology) I,II

MSc (Data Science and Analytics) I

HDip Food Science and Technology I


Postgrad Cert in Dairy Tech & Innovation I

Pg Dip Nutritional Sciences

BCL (Pathways) I


BCL (Clinical) II

BCL (Non Degree) I,II

BCL (Evening) I, III, IV

BCL (Law & Business)  I

BCL (Law & French)  I, II, III, IV

BCL (Law & Irish) I,II, III

BCL (International) II, III, IV

Diploma in Common Law I



LLM (International Human Rights and Public Policy) I

 Monday 4th September 2017

BSc (Finance) I,III, IV

BSc (Accounting) I, II, III, IV

BSc (Business Information Systems) I, II, III, IV

BSc (Government) I, II, III, IV

BSc (Financial Economics) III, IV

BSc (Business and Financial Economics)  IV

Diploma in Business Economics I

Dip in Business & Financial Economics I

MComm (Government & Public Policy) I

MSc (Business Info & Analytics Systems) I

MSc (International Public Policy) I

MSc (Info Systems for Business) I

MSc (Management and Marketing) I

MSc (Management Information & Acc Sys) I

BComm  (International) with Chinese Studies I, II, IV

BComm  (International – French) I,II, IV

BComm  (International – German) I, IV

BComm  (International – Irish) II,IV

BComm  (International – Italian) 1, II, IV

BComm  (International – Hispanic Studies) I, II,IV

BComm  I, II, III, IV

BComm (Non-Degree) I

MSc (Business Economics) I

MSc (Food Marketing) I

MSc (Government) I

MSc (Coop & Social Enterprise P/t) II

Master of Accounting  I

MSc (Asset Management) I

MSc (Financial Economics) I

MSc (Info Systems Risk Management) I

MSc (Corporate Finance) I, II

Higher Diploma in Accounting & Corporate Finance 1


Tuesday 5th September 2017

BA (Early Years and Childhood Studies) I, II, III

BA (Psychology) I,  II,  III

BA (Drama & Theatre Studies) I, II, III

BA (Drama and Theatre Studies – Single Honours) II, III

BEd Sports Studies & Physical Education I,II,III,IV

B Soc Sc I, II, III

B Soc Sc (Youth & Community) I,  II, III


Postgrad Dip Social Work Studies I

Pgrad Dip in Health Economics Practice I

MSocSc (Voluntary and Community Sector  Management) I

MSocSc (Youth Work and  Community Arts) I

MSocSc (Social Policy) I , II


Diploma in Arts and Social Science I

BA(Joint Honours) III

BA (Major Honours)  III

BA(Single Honours) III

BA (Arts-Music) European IV

BA (Arts-Music) Major Honours  III

BA (Arts-Music) Joint Honours  III

BA (Arts-Music) Single Honours III

BA (International- Joint Honours) III, IV

BA (International  - Major Honours)  III, IV


BA (Film and Screen)  III

BA (Film and Screen – International) III

 BA (Geography and Archaeology) III

BA (Geog & Arch) International III

BA (Drama & Theatre Stud -International) III

BA (Drama & Theatre Stud -Int) Single III


Wednesday 6th September 2017

BA (Joint Honours) II

BA (Major) II

BA (Single Honours) II

BA (Arts Music - Joint Honours) II

BA (Arts Music - Major) II

BA (Non Degree) II

BA (Geography and Archaeology) II

BA (Geog & Arch) International) II

BA (Criminology) II, III

BA (Criminology – International) II, III

BA (Digital Humanities & Info Tech) II,III

BA (Digital Humanities) International II

BA (Digital Humanities and Information Technology II (Work Experience) II

Music II

BA (Economics) II,III

BA (Economics) International II,III

BA (English) II,III

BA (English) International II

BA (World Languages) II,III

BA (International) Joint Honours II

BA (International) Major Honours II

H Dip Psychology I,II

BA (Film and Screen Media) II

BA (Film and Screen Media) International II

MA (App Psych - Guidance Counselling) I

MA (Work and Organisational Behaviour) I

MA (Work and Organisational Psychology) I

MA (Criminology) I

MA (Digital Arts and Humanities) I

MA (Early and Medieval Irish) II

MA (English –US & UK Kitrature nd Film) I) I

MSc Integrative Coun & Psychotherapy II,III

MA (Applied Psychology) I

MA (Applied Psychology - Mental Hlth) I

MA (Philosophy) I

MA (Applied Linguistics) I

MA (Music – Perormance Music) I

MA (Film and Screen Media) I

MA Health and Society I

MA (Film and Screen Media) I

MA Strategic Studies I, II

MA (Irish Studies: Identities & Rep) I

MA (Local History) I

MA Museum Studies

MA (Translation Studies - German) 

MA (Women's Studies)

MPlan (Planning and Sustainable Dev) I,II

Higher Diploma in Arts –  Archaeology I

Higher Diploma in Arts –  English I

Higher Diploma in Arts – Geography I

Higher Diploma in Arts – History of Art I

Higher Diploma in Arts – History I

Higher Diploma in Arts – Modern Irish I

HDip in Business & Language in East Asia I

HDip in Advanced Lang. + Global Comm I

HDip in Arts (Non Degree) I

Certificate in Languages


 Thursday 7th September 2017


BA (Arts-Music) I

BA (Criminology) I

BA (Digital Arts and Humanities) I

BA (Economics) I

BA (English) I

BA (Geography & Archaeology) I

BA (International) I

BA (World Languages) I

BA (Non-Degree) I


Visiting Non-Eu

Visiting JYA

BE (Engineering – General) I

BE (Civil) I, II, III

BE (Non-Degree) 1

BE (Electrical & Electronic) I, II, III, IV

BE (Energy) I, II, III

BE (Process & Chemical  Engineering) I, II, III, IV

M Eng Sc (Electrical and Electronic  Engineering ) I

M Eng Sc Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing, Process and Automation Systems) I

MEngSc( Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering) I

M Eng Sc (Sustainable Energy) I

 Friday 8th September 2017

BSc Nursing ( Children’s & General Integrated Nursing) I,  II ,III

BSc Nursing (General) I, II   III,  IV

BSc (Nursing Studies) I

BSc Health Studies – General III

Diploma in Health Studies - General II

BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability) I, II, III, IV

BSc (Nursing (Mental Health) I

BSc Nursing (Psychiatric) III, IV

BSc (Midwifery) I, II , III, IV

MSc (Nursing Studies) II

Postgrad Diploma in Nursing (C and IC) I

Pgrad Dip in Nursing (Medical-Surgical) I

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health Problems) I

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Gerontological Nursing) I

Postgrad Dip in Nursing (Oncology)I

Pg Dip Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy I

Pg Dip in Nursing (Emergency Nursing) I

Cert. in Nursing (Nurse/Midwife Prescr.) I

Pgrad Cert in Nursing (Gerontological) I

MSc Obstetrics and Gynaecology I,II

NU5081, NU6078, NU6085, NU6158, MH6016

BDS (DS5001, OF5002)

MSc (Audiology) I,II

MSc (Evidence Based Therapy Practice) IV


 Monday 11th September 2017

BSc (Architecture)I,II,III.IV

BSc (Biomedical Sciences) Joint UCC/CIT II,III,IV

Professional MEduc (Art & Design) I,II

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Master in Architecture I

BSc (Occupational Therapy) IV

 Tuesday 3rd October 2017

BSc Nursing (General) Placement IV

BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability) Placement IV

BSc Nursing (Psychiatric)  Placement IV

BSc (Midwifery) Placement IV

Higher Diploma in Midwifery I,II

MSc (Older Person Rehabilitation) I

Post Graduate Dip. In Public Health Nursing I

Doctor of Nursing I

Higher Diploma in Health Studies (Intectual Disability) I



University College Cork, Western Road, Cork