The 15th European VLBI Network (EVN) Symposium and the EVN Users Meeting will be hosted by University College Cork (Ireland) on behalf of the EVN Consortium Board of Directors. The meeting was originally planned for July 6-10, 2020, but has been postponed to July 12-16, 2021. Registration has been closed, but will be opened later this year.

This biennial meeting is the main forum for discussion of the latest Very Long Baseline Interferometry scientific results, as well as technical and technological developments within the EVN member countries.

The main topics to be discussed at the symposiums will include the following:

•       The innermost structure of AGNs and the origin of jets
•       Starburst galaxies
•       Stellar evolution and stellar masers
•       Pulsars and transients
•       Astrometry  
•       Space applications
•       The relationship of EVN with other VLBI facilities
•       Synergies with other wavelengths/multi-messenger astronomy
•       New VLBI developments, new technical capabilities

This event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730562 [RadioNet], and from Failte Ireland.

15th EVN Symposium