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Research Seminar

DEPARTMENT OF HISPANIC STUDIES R E S E A R C H S E M I N A R DR MARTÍN VEIGA [Department of Hispanic Studies, UCC] “A Meandering Portrait of Japan: Interpreting Tradition in Miguel-Anxo Murado’s ‘Caderno de Xapón’” This paper will examine the portrait of contemporary Japan as offered by Galician writer Miguel-Anxo Murado in his book Caderno de Xapón (2001). According to the author, the narrative is not so much a travelogue as a collection of notes and impressions of his journey, which I believe explains its fragmentary nature. The paper argues that Murado’s text becomes more exploratory than explanatory in an attempt to understand and interpret the complexities of a society so different from his own. This relevant aspect of the book will be analysed as a feature of style to be found in other works by the author. MR ADRIAN HEALY [Department of Hispanic Studies, UCC] “Frei Martín Sarmiento, The ‘Estudios Reales de San Isidro’ and the Iberian Pedagogical Debate of the 18th Century” This paper shall primarily discuss the stagnation of the educational system in Spain, and indeed Europe as a whole, during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Spanish state intervened in the pedagogical debate of the eighteenth century and some improvements and changes were brought about under the guidance of Carlos III. The legislations of 1770 included the creation of the Reales Estudios de San Isidro as a alternative replacment to the old Colegio Imperial. Indeed education in the 18th century was to become the result of a combination of three motives : religious, intellectual and utilitarian. Sarmiento was such an important and prominent figure in the Iberian pedagogical enlightnment, as he encompassed all three of these motives. This paper aims to examine the importance and relevance of Sarmiento's pedagogical arguments by considering the MS Sobre Methodo de Estudios (1769), which discusses proposals for the curriculum of the Reales Estudios de San Isidro. DR RUBÉN JARAZO-ÁLVAREZ [Department of Spanish, NUI-Galway] “English, Irish and American Poets in Galician Periodical Press: Francisco del Riego and Álvaro Cunqueiro in ‘Faro de Vigo’ 1961-1981” Contemporary poetry, as we will try to demonstrate in this case study, has been essential for scholars and critics in favour of free speech and against cultural repression during Spanish Dictatorship. In this sense, professionals from peripheral regions such as Catalonia, Basque Country and Galicia were in favour of foreign texts and their reception in Spanish culture as an infallible method to reveal Twentieth century Spanish culture from obscurantism. In this paper we will focus on the reception of literary texts produced by the many significant English, Irish and American poets translated in the Spanish literary panorama, paying special attention to those translations and reviews produced by Álvaro Cunqueiro and Francisco del Riego. Besides, we will also take in consideration issues which arise from the corpus selected, such as misogyny, homosexuality, feminism, Marxism, atheism, topics which in the end are immersed in the poetry translated during Franco’s Dictatorship Friday, 5th of March, 2010 3.00 p.m. O’Rahilly Building, Room 1.32 All Welcome

Category: Public Lectures and Seminars: Arts Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
Time: 3pm
Location: O'Rahilly Building, Room 1.32
Target Audience: All Welcome
Admission Price: € Free
Contact: Sinéad Watkins
021 4903267

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