Ocean sampling day

On the northern hemisphere summer solstice, over 100 research teams from around the world will participate in Ocean Sampling Day, an initiative of the EU funded MicroB3 project.

The Ocean Sampling Day, a Global Event for Sequencing the Oceans On 21st June, a worldwide sampling campaign for microbial biodiversity within marine surface water will take place in which the Environmental Research Institute, UCC will join. This campaign encompasses more than 160 marine research locations. Journalists are invited to join Dr Stephen Jackson directly after the sampling at Lough Hyne, Co. Cork at 2pm for a first-hand interview. This worldwide effort is coordinated jointly by Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany and University of Oxford, UK. It is launched under the umbrella of the European-funded project MicroB3. Genomics - the science of sequencing genes and understanding their meaning - is not merely a tool for human health or agriculture anymore: it has been extended to the study of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in marine waters. Overall, the MicroB3 project endeavours to share any benefits arising from the exploration and exploitation of marine genetic resources. The OSD will demonstrate that joint and standardized work and clear data-sharing agreements support not only improved ecosystem knowledge but also sustainable use of marine genetic resources. Environmental Research Institute researcher, Dr Stephen Jackson is actively participating in this event: sampling will take place at midday on June 21st at Lough Hyne. The Micro B3 coordinator, Prof. F. O. Glöckner from Jacobs University Bremen explains ’With more than 160 sampling sites worldwide, OSD has exceeded our wildest dreams. The resulting dataset marks the beginning of a new area of genome-enabled site-based marine research.’ Environmental Research Institute Director, Prof. Alan Dobson adds: “it is very exciting that Ireland is part of this ocean sampling day and that we will be actively inputting into this remarkable event- which will ultimately result in interesting genomic and metagenomic based datasets that will allow us to get a better understanding of the health status of our coastal waters” Find more info under www.OceanSamplingDay.org Current list of sampling sites: https://mb3is.megx.net/osd-registry/list Contact for Press Enquiries: Dr Stephen Jackson Tel: +353214205279 Email sjackson@ucc.ie Available: Monday 23rd, June onwards (9am-5pm) Address: Marine Biotechnology Centre, Environmental Research Institute, Lee Road, Cork, Ireland.

Category: Official University Events: Arts Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Location: Lough Hyne Marine Nature Reserve, Co. Cork
Target Audience: All Welcome
Admission Price: € 0
Contact: Dr Stephen Jackson

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