IERC Conference 2019

The Theme of the Conference is “Enhancing Success in Energy Research – Mind Space to Market Place”

Session 1: The Need for Energy Research and Innovation Transforming something as complex as the energy system requires research and innovation that joins up along supply chains, policy and investment decisions and including end users, the citizens, in the solutions. Global agreements and national policies ultimately have to be translated into technological and systemic change, which requires enabling new markets, regulating or pricing out bad practices, and changing public expectations. This can only happen with partnerships and collaborations Session 2: Mind Space to Demonstration - Determining the Commercial Potential of an Idea This session examines the processes required to formulate and select the best ideas in the energy research sector; How to perform a reality check and embark into the development journey with the most promising ones. In the process of translation of business need into research ambition and then delivering on that ambition into a demonstrator for validation, it is important to focus human and financial resources on ideas that will produce the best returns on investment. The particularities of energy research and implementation will also be discussed Session 3: Demonstration to Market Place - Progressing from Prototype to Commercialisation Turning original research ambitions into a market-ready outcome is the focus of this session This session focuses on the results of demonstrators that are ready to be turned into market offerings. What are the key indicators of the validation step (the demonstrator) that ensure a robust market-ready outcome? This is an important process with a sharp timing element to understand how industry partners can prepare themselves (and their market segment) for the new offering and what is needed from both research and industry to ensure a smooth transition. Session 4: Panel discussion: Delivering on Ideas: The Industry Perspective Access to, and the ability to utilise, new technologies is essential in order to benefit from a global economy. Entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs are actively transforming the Irish energy market with ideas aimed at enhancing competitiveness and disrupting incumbent business models. This session a platform for SMEs to share experiences, tackle issues such as how research and innovation can assist entrepreneurs and will explore how governments work with business to tackle the issues identified.

Category: Conferences:
Time: 10.04.2019 18:00-21:00; 11.04.2019 08:00-16:00
Location: Fota Island Resort, Fota Island, Cork
Target Audience: Staff
Admission Price: € 125
Contact: Maria von Rumohr
021 2346949

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