Granary Theatre

Arrchitects & Anarchists

A play about a man’s struggle to control his mind and the negative thoughts that he allows to control him.

'Architects and Anarchists' is a play written by Conor Clancy about the troubles that can arise within one person's life and mind and how these two realms interact and challenge each other. The story is based around two triangles of people - one is grounded in reality and one is rooted in the imagination of our main character, The Writer, who acts as the connecting point between these two worlds. We are presented with the life he lives and the love he desires as well as the thoughts he thinks and the stories he writes about the relationship that he can't achieve. His own mind is split and embodied into two characters: Virtue and Satan. Each embodiment acts as their own character, showcasing their own struggles throughout the course of the play. These turmoils affect The Writer and in turn, affect the people he loves. Satan craves freedom from The Writer's mind and Virtue yearns for a peaceful life with The Lover. But The Writer cannot allow Satan to escape, and while Satan is stuck in The Writer's mind, he makes Virtue's life a living hell. How can all characters be successful? Is it possible? Come and see!

Category: Arts and Cultural Events: Granary Theatre
Time: 8pm
Location: Granary Theatre, Mardyke Walk
Target Audience: 15+ age group
Admission Price: € 5/9
Contact: Siobhan Consenheim

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