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Black Sun

Black Sun is a new monthly weirdo/outer limits music event taking place in the Granary Theatre. It was launched May and returns this Autumn with a unique programme.

Black Sun is a new monthly weirdo/outer limits music event taking place in the Granary Theatre, Cork. It was launched May 2009 and returns this Autumn with a unique programme. It is curated by Vicky Langan (Wölflinge, Female Orphan Asylum, United Bible Studies) and co-run by 'Noise/Music A History' author Paul Hegarty (Safe, Working With Children). See for more information. Jean-Louis Costes Jean-Louis Costes is a controversial, ecstatic and extreme performer. Since 1986 he has worked primarily with music, releasing over 40 albums on cd, and others on cassette. He has also made several full-length and short films (and appeared in Irreversible and Baise-Moi). All of this work comes together in his performances, such as Little Birds Shit (2007) a two person drama about a repressed couple who ‘look for more’ in S/M, or in The Holy Virgin Cult (2008). The shows are highly physical and also highly-charged, this is an interaction that stamps all over social networks and wants to break things down. His work is a physical meditation that cannot live with the everyday. He loves shit, sex, the body as tool, the body as object, the body as something more and less than a person. He also has fun with fears of racism, with an album called Nik ta Race (Fuck your Race). There can be no borders for Costes, no demarcation lines, as we all come together, immersed through fluid, ranting and black (or brown) humour. If this all sounds too serious, it’s not – Costes is always humorous, nothing is sacred – and that means all can be made funny. The word ‘uncompromising’ if often used and rarely lived-up to, but the author of the novel Viva la Merda! (Long Live Shit!) is just that. Highly theatrical, but shunned by official theatre, we have sneaked him into one - he is fierce and joyous as he pulls down social taboos, and he will prise open your ears, eyes and head with this first ever performance in Ireland. KFDS KFDS are collaborative artists Not Abel and performance artist Alex Conway. They deal in brooding, darkly vibrant atmospheres, where treated vocals, tapes and bass swarm around rogue trance beats and the remnants of disco pulses. Combining music and performance, they build on prepared materials and texts through improvisation. Combining from these sounds is a physical performance that is intimately touching, maybe too intimate. OVER Based around the duo of JG and AD with a revolving collaborators and assistants, OVER is an entity dedicated to encapsulating dread through sound.Inspired by horror films,creaking doors, haunted houses and the moment where TV static takes on a sinister life of its own. Bring a blindfold. On this occasion, OVER will be augmented by VL, BC and SG. A selection of Costes' short films will be screened at Black Sun. Vegan cakes and records/tapes/cds from distro's Bold Lump (Dublin) and Rimbaud Records (Cork) will be available for purchase throughout the night. --

Category: Arts and Cultural Events: Granary Theatre
Time: 8pm
Location: Granary Theatre
Target Audience: All Welcome
Admission Price: € 10
Contact: Granary Theatre
021 4904275

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