Teacher Development Workshops

Teacher Development workshops

A workshop series for English language practitioners

A workshop series for all English language practitioners

This summer we delivered our first fully-online series of workshops for language practitioners around the world. It was a great experience to bring together teachers and educators from such locations as Japan, Ireland, Spain, France, the UK and Ireland.

We are now delighted to announce that we are offering an autumn series of workshops for all language English language practitioners around the world.

Starting on Wednesday, September 23rd, we will offer two workshops each month from September to December. The sessions will reawaken your passion for teaching English or using English as a medium of instruction in your particular context and re-energise you for the emerging challenges which are presenting themselves in this changing educational landscape. Our Language Centre’s teaching staff is dynamic and innovative and brings together a broad range of expertise and teaching experience, research interests and approaches to teaching and learning in different contexts.

The workshops will be lively and engaging. Over the series of sessions, we will create a forum for innovative thinking on how English language teaching can be enhanced for a more productive and effective learning experience for your learners.

Participants can join us on the full journey over the period of our first semester, or they can choose to jump onboard and only take sessions of most interest or relevance to their context. Each session delivered will be two hours in length.

Zoom will be the platform for delivery for these workshops.

We invite you, our colleagues in English language teaching and those who use English as a medium of instruction from all over the world to come together with us online this autumn.

What practitioners on our Summer Teacher Festival said about our workshops:

"I am ready to resume the academic year with new ideas and more tips to implement activities in the classroom."

Frédéric Perrier - CFI-Formations, France

"I gained knowledge, discussion opportunities, and just interacting with people who are like-minded and in the same field (profession) from all over the world. I would sum it up as being fun, insightful, and motivating."

Takaaki Hiratsuka - Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan

The workshops are a must do."

Juana Vega - LEGTA François Rabelais, France






23 September

Bringing grammar to life - student-centred approaches to engaging grammar lessons that build student confidence


30 September

Using tasks and projects to bring language skills to life  – project based approach to develop your learners’ language skills


21 October

How developing learner autonomy extends learning beyond the classroom and how to maximise its potential


28 October

Integrating technology into the classroom: and how the classroom performs on different online teaching platforms


18 November

From evaluation to creation: making the most of commercially prepared materials and how to source, design and deliver lesson materials meeting your learners’ needs and interests



25 November

Teaching Pronunciation: Tips, Tricks & Tools of the Trade - develop your knowledge of and pedagogical skills in pronunciation.



9 December

Dealing with mixed abilities classes – achieving a group focus while targeting an individual student's needs


16 December

Vocabulary - What it means to know a word: How to make vocabulary learning engaging, personalised and effective. Presentation, production, activation and teacher-feedback techniques

To Apply

UCC Language Centre Teacher development workshops application form 2020 F/W  

IT Requirement: A computer, tablet or smartphone with audio and video.  Reliable internet connection.  You will need to be able to access Zoom for the workshops.



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