Summer Teacher Festival

Summer Teacher Festival

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A workshop series for English language practitioners

We were really looking forward to offering a number of Teacher Refresher courses this summer on campus, but due to Covid-19 we had to cancel. Rather than lose out on what we had planned and not have the opportunity to share our expertise, with fellow English language practitioners, we are excited to be able to offer a series of online workshops over a period of six weeks this summer.

The sessions will reawaken your passion for teaching English or using English as a medium of instruction in your particular context and re-energise you for the emerging challenges which are presenting themselves in this changing educational landscape. Our Language Centre’s teaching staff is dynamic and innovative and brings together a broad range of expertise and teaching experience, research interests and approaches to teaching and learning in different contexts.

The workshops will be lively and engaging. Over the series of sessions, we will create a forum for innovative thinking on how English language teaching can be enhanced for more productive and effective learning experience.

The series will culminate in a mini conference where participants will have the opportunity to further share their learning through a series of panel discussions and presentations. This event will be free and open to participants’ peers.

Participants can join us on the full journey of the six weeks or choose to jump onboard and only take sessions of most interest or relevance to their context. Each session delivered will be two hours in length.

We invite you, our colleagues in English language teaching and those who use English as a medium of instruction from all over the world to come together with us online for this festival.


29 June to 6* Aug (6 weeks) 11 Blocks + Free Conference

Summer Teacher Festival

WorkshopsTime GMTDays & Dates

Summer Teacher Festival

1 to 11 11.00 - 13.00

Monday* & Thursday

 29 June - 3 August 

Free mini conference

-   6 August 

 * In final week the workshop will be on Tuesday as Monday is a Bank Holiday


W1 Monday 29 June Bringing grammar to life - Student-centred approaches to engaging grammar lessons that build student confidence.
W1 Thursday  02 July

Maximising integration in Academic English - How to integrate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English language teaching and/or testing.

How to integrate content and English language teaching and/or testing.

How to exploit freely available authentic texts using authentic and non-authentic tasks.

How to write your own tasks to help students develop academic skills.

W2 Monday  06 July How developing Learner Autonomy extends learning beyond the classroom and ways to maximise its potential.
W2 Thursday  09 July Integrating technology into the classroom: and how the classroom performs on different online teaching platforms.
W3 Monday  13 July Gamification – How Gamification is ubiquitous in our lives and how we can use it to enhance and consolidate learning.
W3 Thursday  16 July

World Englishes - Participants at this workshop will gain exposure to varieties of English from across the world, including native and non-native varieties and learn to identify their distinguishing features through film and music. 

W4 Monday  20 July Assessment – The anatomy of an English language test - This session/workshop will involve looking at how the Language Centre produced its own language assessments in order to assist students who were unable to take International exams due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
W4 Thursday  23 July Demystifying the research process and how to present with confidence at conferences.
W5 Monday  27 July

Vocabulary – analysis and acquisition.

What it means to know a word: How to make vocabulary learning engaging, personalised and effective. Presentation, production, activation and teacher-feedback techniques.

W5 Thursday  30 July Reflective Practice – to allow for an empowering and enriching experience for teachers and learners.
W6 Tuesday*  04 August Where is English language education now?  Has the global pandemic shifted how English is used, learnt and taught?
W6 Thursday  06 August Mini Conference – participants are invited to present and discuss in their areas of interests. Open to peers and the general public.

 * In final week the workshop will be on Tuesday as Monday is a Bank Holiday

To Apply

UCC Language Centre Summer Teacher Festival Application Form  

IT Requirement: A computer, tablet or smartphone with audio and video.  Reliable internet connection.  You will need to be able to access Zoom for the workshops.

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