Study and Work Programme

 Application for the Study / Work Programme (ILEP number 0341/0008*)

This programme entitles non-EU students to work legally on a part-time basis while taking English classes for 25 weeks and UCC Language Centre can give advice on work availability in the Cork area. Our University has a career advice service.

The immigration permission to attend a 25-week English-language course is for 8 months. New students attending language courses may be granted permission for a maximum of 3 language courses. This amounts to a total immigration permission of 2 years (3 x 8 months). Students can study for 20 hours per week for 25 weeks and use the remainder of their time to work or holiday.  

  • The student must take a recognised examination at the end of the course (students who do not comply with this requirement willl not be permitted to obtain further immigration permission)
  • Our course is listed on the *Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP) as required by INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service).
  • INIS has published an overview of conditions for language programme students listing immigration requirements for such students.
  • Please also refer to (Irish Council for International Students) for further information.



Starting Date
Students can start any Monday of the academic year
Course Price
€5,000 (all inclusive, no registration fee)

Students must take an exit IELTS Exam 

Students are required to buy their own core course books.

Students have free access to computer centre, library, campus Wi-Fi, self-access resource centre and Mardyke Arena Sports Complex 
Class Size

Maximum 15 students

Minimum 6 students

Language Level
Our classes are suitable for all language levels from elementary to proficiency. When you arrive, you will be given a short test to establish your ability in English.

Language Centre

Lárionad Teanga

G 36, O'Rahilly Building,University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

External Accreditation