Irish Culture for English Language Learners

Course Name: Irish Culture for English Language Learners

Day(s)/time of class: On Campus Wednesdays 6-8 pm (Irish time)

Course length: 6 weeks, 12 hours in class + self-study and assignments for teacher feedback

Course dates for 2023-24

Block 3: Wednesday 17 January to Wednesday 21 February 2024

Block 4: Wednesday 28 February to Wednesday 03 April 2024

You can continue from one block to another if you wish or blocks can be taken independently of one another.  Please indicate on the application form which block(s) you wish to take.

Level(s): B1+ and higher

Course cost - €150*+

*Returning students receive a loyalty discount.  Please email for details.  Or take this course in addition to another full or part-time English language course and receive a discount.

+UCC staff and students should email to enquire about special offers. 

Course Overview

This short course will introduce learners to Irish customs, traditions, history and values. It will help those living in Ireland or with an interest in Irish culture, to learn more about the island of Ireland and its culture.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will have:

  • identified features of English as it is spoken in Ireland
  • developed your understanding of Irish English
  • developed your knowledge of vocabulary influenced by the Irish language and culture
  • deepened your knowledge of key Irish myths and folklore
  • become familiar with characters and events informing Irish culture and learned how to re-tell myths and stories from Irish folklore
  • deepened your understanding of events in Irish history in the 20th and 21st century
  • investigated how these events have shaped the political and social environment of present-day Ireland
  • discovered Irish sporting traditions in the Gaelic Athletics Association
  • related Irish sports to sports from other cultures
  • developed an understanding of Irish musical traditions
  • deepened your knowledge of songs in Irish culture
  • extended your understanding of Irish festivals, traditions and customs
  • examined how these customs and traditions are carried out in modern Ireland.
Weekly course plan (may change slightly depending on class needs)

Week 1:

Irish English: The English language in an Irish context

Week 2:

Irish myths and folklore

Week 3:

A divided island: Irish history in the 20th and 21st century

Week 4:

Home of the fastest game on grass: Irish sporting traditions

Week 5:

Irish music and songs

Week 6:

Irish festivals, traditions and customs

Student Feedback/Assessment

Students will receive teacher support to understand all areas of the content, both reading and listening, and will regular feedback from their teachers on their oral skills and language-related issues (e.g. persistent errors affecting communication or pronunciation features)

Feedback form sent after the course.

Minimum class numbers

A minimum number of 4 students will be required for this class to run. If 4 students do not sign up, you will be offered to transfer to another course (depending on level), postpone to another term, or get a refund.

Alternative course options

Online class connection requirements:

Microsoft Teams application.... etc.

Attendance/End of course certificate

Attendance will be taken in every class.  If you attend 80% of your lessons, you will receive an end-of-course certificate.  Please advise the teacher if you know in advance that you will be absent.

How to Apply

Open for applications.  Part-time application form

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