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Build Your Own English Programme!

Build Your Own English Programme!

General English

We help students develop their English speaking, listening, reading, writing and communication skills in a practical and focused manner to achieve their English-language targets. It is student-focused and aims to

  • engage students in improving their language skills through targeted skills classes and associated self-study
  • raise English language proficiency to facilitate each student’s aims and goals
  • give students the chance to grow in confidence using English 

We have courses for all levels from Elementary (A2) to Advanced (C1).  

Irish Culture

Develop your English while also learning about and enjoying Ireland’s world-famous culture.

IC1 Irish Culture  

Learn about Irish history, geography, society and language. This course will introduce you to some people and places you might meet or see one day when you visit the Emerald Isle.

IC2 Irish Culture 

Irish arts. Learn about dance, music, art and literature, and experience some live participatory sessions.

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English for Fluency

Learn how to communicate more easily and build confidence speaking about the topics that interest you. Increase your speed and learn strategies and key phrases to keep you talking. 

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Exam Preparation

Prepare for IELTS, First Certificate or Cambridge Advanced. Cover all parts of the exam and learn techniques to optimise your performance during the exam.  Experienced tutors and examiners can guide you all the way and help you achieve your target. Take your exam with us or in your own location.

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One-to-one Classes

Specialised course to meet your specific learning  needs. Arrange your tuition to meet your time schedule. Include Individual learning plan and report.

Academic Development Programmes (B2)

Develop the skills needed for success in an English-medium university.

13 July – 21 August (6 weeks)

Academic Writing Skills

  • Using appropriate discourse markers to signal relationships.
  • Summarizing information effectively
  • Using sources effectively
  • Avoiding plagiarism

On completion of this course, students will be able to write a coherent and cohesive academic paper of between 1,200 and 1,500 words using generic academic conventions and grammatical structures appropriately, effectively and flexibly. (GA: Creators of knowledge)

 Academic Reading Skills

  •  Identifying the main argument
  •  Differentiating between different styles 
  •  Using contextual clues to guess the meaning of unknown words 
  •  Critically evaluating sources 

On completion of this course, students will have developed effective reading strategies to comprehend academic texts, will have developed their knowledge of academic vocabulary and will have improved their ability to read critically. They will also develop strategies to navigate academic texts and familiarise themselves with the specific discourse in their own discipline. (GA: Evaluators of knowledge) 

Academic Development Programmes (B2)





Academic Reading Skills

12* 09.00-11.00

Monday & Wednesday

Academic Writing Skills

12* 09.00-11.00

Tuesday & Thursday

*Four hours in group class weekly plus eight hours of guided self-study

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English for Hospitality Staff (B1-C1)

Learn useful language for the workplace, taking part in simulations and roleplays which prepare you for real world situations.

H1 Dealing with the public /Reception staff

22 June – 3 July (2 weeks) Tuesday & Thursday GMT 16.00-18.00 

Effective ways of all front of house queries - complaints and resolutions, telephoning including pronunciation for politeness and clarity,  emailing including accuracy and appropriacy of emails and responses.

H2 Holding effective staff meetings

13 July – 24 July (2 weeks) Tuesday & Thursday GMT 16.00-18.00   

Persuasive techniques, time management, language for suggesting, problem solving, brainstorming. How to lead your team effectively.

H3 English for Catering and Food Service

10 Aug – 21 Aug (2 weeks) Tuesday & Thursday GMT 16.00-18.00

Roleplays, pronunciation and vocabulary key to the success of any kitchen or dining room.

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English for Business & Professional (B1-C1)

Learn useful language for the workplace, taking part in simulations and roleplays which prepare you for real world situations.

P1 Sell that product

22 June – 3 July (2 weeks) Tuesday & Thursday GMT 18.00-20.00

Language to enhance your selling techniques and to persuade and engage people. Includes branding, checking and clarifying language and presentations.

P2 Negotiate the best deal

6 July – 17 July (2 weeks) Tuesday & Thursday GMT 18.00-20.00

Relationship building, language to persuade, question and clarify, agree/disagree, bargain, reach consensus and successfully clinch the deal.

P3 Holding efficient meetings

20 July – 31 July (2 weeks) Tuesday & Thursday GMT 18.00-20.00   

Developing agendas, opening meetings (ground rules),  managing people and time, suggesting and agreeing, how to structure an argument, evaluating and closing. 

P4  Build relationships

10 Aug – 21 Aug (2 weeks) Tuesday & Thursday  GMT 18.00-20.00

At conferences, meetings, networking skills and socialising.

UCC Language Centre Summer Teacher Festival

Online series of workshops for English language practitioners with Free Conference.

29 June to 6 August  (6 weeks) 11 Blocks.

The sessions will reawaken your passion for teaching English or using English as a medium of instruction in your particular context and re-energise you for the emerging challenges which are presenting themselves in this changing educational landscape.  The series will culminate in a mini conference where participants will have the opportunity to further share their learning through a series of panel discussions and presentations. The mini conference will be free and open to participants’ peers.

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