English for Work and Life (General English) 10-hour course

Course Name:  English for Work and Life (General English) (10-hour per week format, mornings)

Day(s)/time of class: Mondays to Fridays 11:00 – 13:00 (Irish time)

Course length: 10 hours per week + self-study and assignments for teacher feedback

Course dates: All through the Summer.  Start any Monday.

Level(s): All levels from A2 and higher

Course cost: it depends on the number of weeks chosen*+

2 weeks: €250, 4 weeks: €470, 6 weeks: €705, 8 weeks: €940, 12 weeks: €1,410

*Returning students receive a loyalty discount.  Please email infolang@ucc.ie for details. 

+UCC staff and students should email infolang@ucc.ie to enquire about special offers.  

Course overview:

This course will help you to improve your general English skills, particularly focusing on English for your daily work and social life in an English-speaking environment.

Interactive and communicative classes with specialised tutors focus on improving fluency and accuracy while integrating speaking, listening, reading, and writing practices.  Furthermore, the course offers assistance and guidance on essential language focus such as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, all the while receiving feedback from your teacher.

Materials used:

Language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and systems (discourse, functions, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary) are taught using a combination of published materials and supplementary resources. Significant classroom time is dedicated to communicative practice and the development of skills based on the students’ specific needs.  Materials are specially designed and selected to suit each lesson’s objectives and include authentic materials which take into account the individual needs of each unique student group.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have received general advice on how to improve your spoken English, along with reading and writing.
  • Be able to use productive skills (speaking and writing) better with a particular emphasis on work and daily life situations.
  • Be better able to participate in group discussions, reading emails, in both work and home environment.
  • Have improved your ability to ask for/clarify when needed and effectively respond to other speakers in conversation.
  • Be better able to agree and disagree appropriately with other speakers in both work and home environment.
  • Have learnt some functional language (vocabulary and phrases) to help you when speaking and writing.
  • Have the opportunity to express your opinion on important issues (speaking and writing critically).
  • Be better able to make speculations and discuss hypothetical situations using appropriate grammar.
Sample 10-week course plan: (may change slightly depending on class needs)

Week 1:

Expressing likes and dislikes, pros and cons, in Work and Life situations.  Quantifiers.

Week 2:

Practical English – correct use of grammar forms, past to future.

Week 3:

Common discourse markers, useful adverb and adjectives for speaking and writing, for Work and Life topics.

Week 4:

Daily life and work-life vocabulary, ranging from telephone usage to attending meetings.  Question tags.

Week 5:

Making speculations and predictions about hypothetical situations (in the present and in the past). Interaction in pairs and groups.

Week 6:

Attention to common collocations, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, for Work and Life situations.

Week 7:

Express obligation, requests and permission, modal verbs, 2nd and 3rd conditionals.

Week 8:

Discuss and participate in past and present habits.  Will vs would.

Week 9:

Attention to the passive and active voice, pronunciation of diphthongs and soft vowel sounds.

Week 10: 

How to choose between, and use more correctly, gerunds vs infinitives.  Sentence and syllable stress.

Student Feedback/Assessment

Students will receive regular feedback from their teachers on their progress.  Due to the nature of this course, there will be no formal end of course assessment, however, a final overall review can take place as an option. 

Minimum class numbers:

A minimum number of four students will be required for this class to run.  If at least four students do not sign up, you will be offered to transfer to another course (depending on level), postpone to another term, or a refund.

Attendance/End of course certificate:

Attendance will be taken in every class.  Please advise your teacher if you know you will be absent.  All students will receive an end of course certificate.

How to Apply

Open for applications:  Summer 2021 registration form


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