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November 2016

Kourtchev, Ivan; Giorio, Chiara; Manninen, Antti; Wilson, Eoin; Mahon, Brendan; Aalto, Juho; Kajos, Maija; Venables, Dean; Ruuskanen, Taina; Levula, Janne; Loponen, Matti; Connors, Sarah; Harris, Neil; Zhao, Defeng; Kiendler-Scharr, Astrid; Mentel, Thomas; Rudich, Yinon; Hallquist, Mattias; Doussin, Jean-Francois; Maenhaut, Willy; Back, Jaana; Petaja, Tuukka; Wenger, John; Kulmala, Markku; Kalberer, Markus (2016) Enhanced Volatile Organic Compounds emissions and organic aerosol mass increase the oligomer content of atmospheric aerosols, Science Reports 6, 10

Camino-Serrano, Marta; Pannatier, Elisabeth Graf; Vicca, Sara; Luyssaert, Sebastiaan; Jonard, Mathieu; Ciais, Philippe; Guenet, Bertrand; Gielen, Bert; Penuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Waldner, Peter; Etzold, Sophia; Cecchini, Guia; Clarke, Nicholas; Galic, Zoran; Gandois, Laure; Hansen, Karin; Johnson, Jim; Klinck, Uwe; Lachmanova, Zora; Lindroos, Antti-Jussi; Meesenburg, Henning; Nieminen, Tiina M.; Sanders, Tanja G. M.; Sawicka, Kasia; Seidling, Walter; Thimonier, Anne; Vanguelova, Elena; Verstraeten, Arne; Vesterdal, Lars; Janssens, Ivan A. (2016) Trends in soil solution dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations across European forests, Biogeosciences, 13, 19, 5567-5585

Doerr, Barbara; O'Halloran, John; O'Brien, Nora; van Pelt, Frank (2016) Investigation of the genotoxic potential of the marine biotoxins azaspiracid 1-3, Toxicon, 121, 61-69

Reed, Thomas E.; Gienapp, Phillip; Visser, Marcel E. (2016) Testing for biases in selection on avian reproductive traits and partitioning direct and indirect selection using quantitative genetic models, Evolution, 70, 10, 2211-2225

Jiorle, Ryan P.; Trowbridge, Cynthia D.; McAllen, Rob (2016) BENTHIC FISH GUILDS IN THE SHALLOW SUBLITTORAL ZONE OF LOUGH HYNE, CO. CORK, IRELAND, Biology and Environment-Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 116B, 1, 17-25

Murphy, Fiona Edwards; Popovici, Emanuel; Whelan, Padraig; Magno, Michele (2016) Development of an Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network for Instrumentation and Analysis of Beehives, 2015 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), 346-351












October 2016

Chapman, Deborah V., Bradley, Chris, Gettel, Gretchen M., Hatvani, Istvan Gabor, Hein, Thomas, Kovacs, Jozsef, Liska, Igor, Oliver, David (2016) Developments in water quality monitoring and management in large river catchments using the Danube River as an exampleEnvironmental Science & Policy, 64, 141-154

Riva, Matthieu, Healy, Robert M., Tomaz, Sophie, Flaud, Pierre-Marie, Perraudin, Emilie, Wenger, John C., Villenave, Eric (2016) Gas and particulate phase products from the ozonolysis of acenaphthylene, Atmospheric Environment, 142, 104-113

Reilly, Kieran, O'Hagan, Anne Marie, Dalton, Gordon (2016) Developing benefit schemes and financial compensation measures for fishermen impacted by marine renewable energy projects, Energy Policy, 97, 161-170

Myers, A. A. (2016) Amphipoda (Crustacea) from Palau, Micronesia: Families Maeridae and Melitidae, Zootaxa, 4170, 3, 451-474

Lowry, J. K., Myers, A. A. (2016) Zaramillidae, a new amphipod family from the subantarctic Kerguelen Islands (Amphipoda, Senticaudata, Gammaroidea, Zaramillidae fam. nov.), Zootaxa, 4169, 2, 387-389

Horgan, F. G., Crisol-Martinez, E., Almazan, M. L. P., Romena, A., Ramal, A. F., Ferrater, J. B., Bernal, C. C. (2016) Susceptibility and tolerance in hybrid and pure-line rice varieties to herbivore attack: biomass partitioning and resource-based compensation in response to damage, Annals of Applied Biology, 169, 2, 200-213

Kane, Adam, Wolter, Kerri, Neser, Walter, Kotze, Antoinette, Naidoo, Vinny, Monadjem, Ara (2016) Home range and habitat selection of Cape Vultures Gyps coprotheres in relation to supplementary feeding, Bird Study, 63, 3, 387-394

Kourtchev, Ivan, Godoi, Ricardo H. M., Connors, Sarah, Levine, James G., Archibald, Alex T., Godoi, Ana F. L., Paralovo, Sarah L., Barbosa, Cybelli G. G., Souza, Rodrigo A. F., Manzi, Antonio O., Seco, Roger, Sjostedt, Steve, Park, Jeong-Hoo, Guenther, Alex, Kim, Saewung, Smith, James, Martin, Scot T., Kalberer, Markus (2016) Molecular composition of organic aerosols in central Amazonia: an ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry study, Atmospheric chemistry and Physics, 16, 18, 11899-11913

Czyrnek-Deletre, Magdalena M., Chiodi, Alessandro, Murphy, Jerry D., Gallachoir, Brian P. O. (2016) Impact of including land-use change emissions from biofuels on meeting GHG emissions reduction targets: the example of Ireland, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 18, 6, 1745-1758




September 2016

Orr, Patrick J., Adler, Laetitia B., Beardmore, Susan R., Furrer, Heinz; McNamara, Maria E., Penalver-Molla, Enrique, Redelstorff, Ragna (2016) "Stick 'n' peel": Explaining unusual patterns of disarticulation and loss of completeness in fossil vertebrates, Palaegoegraphy Palaeclimatology Palaeoecology, 457, 380-388

Tong, Haijie, Kourtchev, Ivan, Pant, Pallavi, Keyte, Ian J., O'Connor, Ian P., Wenger, John C., Pope, Francis D., Harrison, Roy M., Kalberer, Markus (2016) Molecular composition of organic aerosols at urban background and road tunnel sites using ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry, Faraday Discussions, 189, 51-68

Zhu, Shupeng, Sartelet, Karine N., Healy, Robert M., Wenger, John C. (2016) Simulation of particle diversity and mixing state over Greater Paris: a model-measurement inter-comparison, Faraday Discussions, 189, 547-566

Davenport, John, Davenport, Julia, Diong, Cheong-Hoong, Low, K. H. (2016) Swimming and bipedal bottom-running in the pig-nosed turtle Carettochelys insculpta Ramsay, 1886, Journal of Natural History, 50, 33-34

Xia, Ao, Cheng, Jun, Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Innovation in biological production and upgrading of methane and hydrogen for use as gaseous transport biofuel, Biotechnology Advances, 34, 5, 451-472

Reichert, Michael S., Symes, Laurel B., Hobel, Gerlinde (2016) Lighting up sound preferences: cross-modal influences on the precedence effect in treefrogs, Animal Behaviour, 119, 151-159

Lettice, Eoin P., Jones, Peter W. (2016) Effect of soil and soil bacteria on hatching activity towards potato cyst nematodes (Globodera spp.), Nematology, 18, 803-810

Tramontana, Gianluca, Jung, Martin, Schwalm, Christopher R., Ichii, Kazuhito, Camps-Valls, Gustau, Raduly, Botond, Reichstein, Markus, Arain, M. Altaf, Cescatti, Alessandro, Kiely, Gerard, Merbold, Lutz, Serrano-Ortiz, Penelope, Sickert, Sven, Wolf, Sebastian, Papale, Dario (2016) Predicting carbon dioxide and energy fluxes across global FLUXNET sites with regression algorithms, Biosciences, 13, 14

Cosgrove, Ronan, Gosch, Martha, Reid, David, Sheridan, Michael, Chopin, Nicolas, Jessopp, Mark, Cronin, Michelle (2016) Seal bycatch in gillnet and entangling net fisheries in Irish waters, Fisheries Research, 183, 192-199

Paolacci, Simona, Harrison, Simon, Jansen, Marcel A. K. (2016) A comparative study of the nutrient responses of the invasive duckweed Lemna minuta, and the native, co-generic species Lemna minor, Aquatic Botany, 134, 47-53

Gallagher, M. C., Culloty, S., McAllen, R., O'Riordan, R. (2016) Room for one more? Coexistence of native and non-indigenous barnacle species, Biological Invasions, 18, 10, 3033-3046 

Travesset-Baro, Oriol, Gallachoir, Brian P. O., Jover, Eric, Rosas-Casals, Marti (2016) Transport energy demand in Andorra. Assessing private car futures through sensitivity and scenario analysis, Energy Policy, 96, 78-92

Anderson, P. E., Cooper, M. R., Stevenson, C. T., Hastie, A. R.; Hoggett, M., Inman, J., Meighan, I. G., Hurley, C., Reavy, R. J., Ellam, R. M. (2016) Zonation of the Newry Igneous Complex, Northern Ireland, based on geochemical and geophysical data, Lithos, 260, 95-106 

Mears, Ellen M., Rossi, Valentina, MacDonald, Ellen, Coleman, Gareth, Davies, Thomas G., Arias-Riesgo, Caterine, Hildebrandt, Claudia, Thiel, Heather, Duffin, Christopher J., Whiteside, David I., Benton, Michael J. (2016) The Rhaetian (Late Triassic) vertebrates of Hampstead Farm Quarry, Gloucestershire, UK, Proceedings of the Geologists Association, 127, 4, 478-505

Huvenne, V. A. I., Bett, B. J., Masson, D. G., Le Bas, T. P., Wheeler, A. J. (2016) Effectiveness of a deep-sea cold-water coral Marine Protected Area, following eight years of fisheries closure, Biological Conservationi, 200, 60-69

Walsh, A. J., Tielens, A. G. G. M., Ruth, A. A. (2016) Diamond-like-carbon nanoparticle production and agglomeration following UV multi-photon excitation of static naphthalene/helium gas mixtures, Journal of Chemical Physics, 145, 2

August 2016

O'Shea, R.; Wall, D.; Murphy, J. D. (2016) Modelling a demand driven biogas system for production of electricity at peak demand and for production of biomethane at other times, 
Bioresource Technology, 216, 238-249

Tabassum, Muhammad Rizwan; Xia, Ao; Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Seasonal variation of chemical composition and biomethane production from the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, :
Bioresource Technology, 216, 219-226

Voelklein, M. A.; Rusmanis, D.; Murphy, J. D. (2016) Increased loading rates and specific methane yields facilitated by digesting grass silage at thermophilic rather than mesophilic temperatures, Bioresource Technology, 216, 486-493

O'Shea, Richard; Kilgallon, Ian; Wall, David; Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Quantification and location of a renewable gas industry based on digestion of wastes in Ireland, Applied Energy 175, 229-239

Meere, Patrick A.; Mulchrone, Kieran F.; McCarthy, David J.; Timmerman,Martin J.; Dewey, John F. (2016) Prelithification and synlithification tectonic foliation development in a clastic sedimentary sequence, Geology, 44, 7, E397-E397

Sreekanth, G. B.; Lekshmi, N. Manju; Chakraborty, Sushanta Kumar;Jaiswar, Ashok Kumar; Zacharia, P. U.; Vishnuradhan, Renjith; Singh, N. P.; Pazhayamadom, Deepak George (2016) 
Effect of monsoon on coastal fish diversity of Goa: an example from the gillnet fishery, Indian Journal of Fisheries, 63, 2, 8-18

Murphy, Fiona Edwards, Magno, Michele, O'Leary, Liam, Troy, Killian, Whelan, Padraig, Popovici, Emanuel M. (2016) Big Brother for Bees (3B) - Energy Neutral Platform for Remote Monitoring of Beehive Imagery and Sound, 2015 6th IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces (IWASI), 106-111

Limitation of Grassland Productivity by Low Temperature and Seasonality of Growth

Wingler, Astrid; Hennessy, Deirdre (2016) Limitation of Grassland Productivity by Low Temperature and Seasonality of Growth, Frontiers in Plant Science,

Fitzgerald, Darren W.; Murphy, Fiona Edwards; Wright, William M. D.; Whelan, Padraig M.; Popovici, Emanuel M. (2016) Design and Development of a Smart Weighing Scale for Beehive Monitoring, 2015 26th Irish Signals and Systems Conference (ISSC) 

Murphy, Fiona Edwards; Srbinovski, Bruno; Magno, Michele; Popovici, Emanuel M.; Whelan, Padraig M. (2016) An Automatic, Wireless Audio Recording Node for Analysis of Beehives

2015 26th Irish Signals and Systems Conference (ISSC) 


July 2016

Borchert, Erik; Jackson, Stephen A.; O'Gara, Fergal; Dobson, Alan D. W. (2016) Diversity of Natural Product Biosynthetic Genes in the Microbiome of the Deep Sea Sponges Inflatella pellicula, Poecillastra compressa, and Stelletta normani, Frontiers in Microbiology, 7, 10

Gutierrez, Enrique Chan, Xia, Ao, Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Can slurry biogas systems be cost effective without subsidy in Mexico?, Renewable Energy, 95, 22-30

Herrmann, Christiane, Kalita, Navajyoti, Wall, David, Xia, Ao, Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Optimised biogas production from microalgae through co-digestion with carbon-rich co-substrates, Bioresource Technology, 214, 328-337

Ilyas, Sidra, Rehman, Abdul, Coelho, Ana Varela, Sheehan, David (2016) Proteomic analysis of an environmental isolate of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa after arsenic and cadmium challenge: Identification of a protein expression signature for heavy metal exposure, Journal of Proteomics, 141, 47-56

Edwards-Murphy, Fiona, Magno, Michele, Whelan, Padraig M., O'Halloran, John, Popovici, Emanuel M. (2016) b plus WSN: Smart beehive with preliminary decision tree analysis for agriculture and honey bee health monitoring, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 124, 211-219

Vartia, Salla, Villanueva-Canas, Jose L., Finarelli, John, Farrell, Edward D., Collins, Patrick C., Hughes, Graham M., Carlsson, Jeanette E. L., Gauthier, David T., McGinnity, Philip, Cross, Thomas F., FitzGerald, Richard D., Mirimin, Luca, Crispie, Fiona, Cotter, Paul D., Carlsson, Jens (2016) A novel method of microsatellite genotyping-by-sequencing using individual combinatorial barcoding, Royal Society Open Science, 3, 1

Xu, Xuezhe, Zhao, Weixiong, Zhang, Qilei, Wang, Shuo, Fang, Bo, Chen, Weidong, Venables, Dean S., Wang, Xinfeng, Pu, Wei, Wang, Xin, Gao, Xiaoming, Zhang, Weijun (2016) Optical properties of atmospheric fine particles near Beijing during the HOPE-J(3)A campaign, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16, 10

Zheng, Siming; Zhang, Yongliang; Sheng, Wanan (2016) Maximum theoretical power absorption of connected floating bodies under motion constraints, Applied Ocean Research, 58, 95-103

Quinn, Thomas P.; McGinnity, Philip; Reed, Thomas E. (2016) The paradox of "premature migration" by adult anadromous salmonid fishes: patterns and hypothesesCanadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 73, 7, 1015-1030


June 2016

Goldstein, Emily A., Butler, Fidelma and Lawton, Colin (2016) Modeling future range expansion and management strategies for an invasive squirrel species, Biological Invasions, 18, 5, 1431-1450

Flannery, Grace, Lynch, Sharon A. and Culloty, Sarah C. (2016) Investigating the significance of the role of Ostrea edulis larvae in the transmission and transfer of Bonamia ostreae,

Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 136, 7-9

McInerney, Celine, Johannsdottir, Lara (2016) Lima Paris Action Agenda: Focus on Private Finance - note from COP21, Journal of Cleaner Production, 126, 707-710

Arndt, J., Deboudt, K., Anderson, A., Blondel, A., Eliet, S., Flament, P., Fourmentin, M., Healy, R. M., Savary, V., Setyan, A., Wenger, J. C. (2016) Scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (SEM-EDX) and aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometry (ATOFMS) single particle analysis of metallurgy plant emissions, Environmental Pollution, 210, 9-17 

Lee, Alex K. Y., Willis, Megan D., Healy, Robert M., Wang, Jon M., Jeong, Cheol-Heon, Wenger, John C., Evans, Greg J., Abbatt, Jonathan P. (2016) Single-particle characterization of biomass burning organic aerosol (BBOA): evidence for non-uniform mixing of high molecular weight organics and potassium, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16, 9, 5561-5572

Culloch, Ross M., Anderwald, Pia, Brandecker, Anja, Haberlin, Damien, McGovern, Barry, Pinfield, Roisin, Visser, Fleur, Jessopp, Mark, Cronin, Michelle (2016) Effect of construction-related activities and vessel traffic on marine mammals, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 549, 231-242

Cross, M. E., Bradley, C. R., Cross, T. F., Culloty, S., Lynch, S., McGinnity, P., O'Riordan, R. M., Vartia, S., Prodohl, P. A. (2016) Genetic evidence supports recolonisation by Mya arenaria of western Europe from North America, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 549, 99-112


May 2016

de Guzman, Lilia I., Rinderer, Thomas E., Frake, Amanda M., Kirrane, Maria J. (2016) Brood removal influences fall of Varroa destructor in honey bee colonies, Journal of Apicultural Research, 54, 3, 216-225

Pazhayamadom, Deepak George, Kelly, Ciaran J., Rogan, Emer, Codling, Edward A. (2016) Self-starting cumulative sum harvest control rule (SS-CUSUM-HCR) for status-quo management of data-limited fisheries, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 73, 3, 366-381

Srbinovski, Bruno, Magno, Michele, Edwards-Murphy, Fiona; Pakrashi, Vikram; Popovici, Emanuel (2016) An Energy Aware Adaptive Sampling Algorithm for Energy Harvesting WSN with Energy Hungry Sensors, Sensors, 16, 4

McNamara, Maria E., Orr, Patrick J., Kearns, Stuart L., Alcala, Luis; Anadon, Pere, Penalver, Enrique (2016) Reconstructing Carotenoid-Based and Structural Coloration in Fossil Skin, Current Biology, 26, 8, 1075-1082

Oxbrough, Anne, Garcia-Tejero, Sergio, Spence, John, O'Halloran, John (2016) Can mixed stands of native and non-native tree species enhance diversity of epigaeic arthropods in plantation forests? Forest Ecology and Management, 367, 21-29

Peters, Jared L., Benetti, Sara, Dunlop, Paul, Cofaigh, Colm O., Moreton, Steven G., Wheeler, Andrew J., Clark, Christopher D. (2016) Sedimentology and chronology of the advance and retreat of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet on the continental shelf west of Ireland, Quaternary Science Reviews, 140 101-124

Murray, Brendan R., Leen, Sean B., Semprimoschnig, Christopher O. A., Bradaigh, Conchur M. O. (2016) Helium permeability of polymer materials as liners for composite overwrapped pressure vessels, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 133, 29

Willis, Megan D., Healy, Robert M., Riemer, Nicole, West, Matthew, Wang, Jon M., Jeong, Cheol-Heon, Wenger, John C., Evans, Greg J., Abbatt, Jonathan P. D. and Lee, Alex K. Y. (2016) 

Quantification of black carbon mixing state from traffic: implications for aerosol optical properties, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16, 7, 4693-4706

Hernandez-Milian, Gema, Santos, M. Begona, Reid, David and Rogan, Emer (2016) Insights into the diet of Atlantic white-sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus acutus) in the Northeast Atlantic,

Marine Mammal Science, 32, 2, 735-742

McNamara, Maria E., van Dongen, Bart E., Lockyer, Nick P., Bull, Ian D. and Orr, Patrick J. (2016) Fossilization of melanosomes via sulfurization, Palaeontology, 59, 3, 337-350 

Chen, Xiaolin, O'Halloran, John and Jansen, Marcel A. K. (2016) The toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticles to Lemna minor (L.) is predominantly caused by dissolved Zn, Aquatic toxicology, 174, 46-53

Llewellyn, Martin S., McGinnity, Philip, Dionne, Melanie, Letourneau, Justine, Thonier, Florian, Carvalho, Gary R., Creer, Simon and Derome, Nicolas (2106) The biogeography of the atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) gut microbiome, ISME Journal, 10, 5, 1280-1284

Morand-Ferron, Julie, Cole, Ella F., Quinn, John L. (2016) Studying the evolutionary ecology of cognition in the wild: a review of practical and conceptual challenges, Biological Reviews, 91, 2, 367-389

Veiga, Joana M., Vlachogianni, Thomais, Pahl, Sabine, Thompson, Richard C., Kopke, Kathrin, Doyle, Thomas K., Hartley, Bonny L., Maes, Thomas, Orthodoxou, Demetra L., Loizidou, Xenia I., Alampei, Iro (2016) Enhancing public awareness and promoting co-responsibility for marine litter in Europe: The challenge of MARLISCO, Marine Pollution Bulletin 102, 2, 309-315




April 2016

Xia, Ao, Murphy, Jerry D.(2016) Microalgal Cultivation in Treating Liquid Digestate from Biogas Systems, Trends in Biotechnology, 34, 4, 264-275

Kelly, James F., Wright, William M. D., Sheng, Wanan and O'Sullivan, Keith (2016) Implementation and Verification of a Wave-to-Wire Model of an Oscillating Water Column With Impulse Turbine, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 7, 2, 546-553

Edwards-Murphy, Fiona, Magno, Michelle, Whelan, Padraig M., O’Halloran, John and Popovici, Emanuel M. (2016) ab+WSN: Smart beehive with preliminary decision tree analysis for agriculture and honey bee health monitoring, Science Direct - Computers & Electronics in Agriculture, 124, 211-219

Madden, D., Harrison, S., Finn, J. A. and Huallachain, D. O. (2016) Riparian Buffer Zones in Intensive Grassland Agri-Systems are not necessarily a Refuge for High Conservation Value Species, Biology and Environment-Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 115B, 3, 191-210   

Romano, Stefano, Fernandez-Guerra, Antonio, Reen, F. Jerry, Gloeckner, Frank O., Crowley, Susan P., O'Sullivan, Orla, Cotter, Paul D., Adams, Claire, Dobson, Alan D. W. and O'Gara, Fergal (2016) Comparative Genomic Analysis Reveals a Diverse Repertoire of Genes Involved in Prokaryote-Eukaryote Interactions within the Pseudovibrio Genus, Frontiers in Microbiology, 7, 387

Meere, Patrick A., Mulchrone, Kieran F., McCarthy, Dave J., Timmerman, Martin J. and Dewey, John F. (2016) Prelithification and synlithification tectonic foliation development in a clastic sedimentary sequence, Geology, 44, 4, 291-294 

Nakagawa, Maho, Nakayama, Tomoki, Sasago, Hiroshi, Ueda, Sayako, Venables, Dean S. and Matsumi, Yutaka (2016) Design and characterization of a novel single-particle polar nephelmoeter, Aerosol Science and Technology, 50, 4, 392-404

Tabassum, Muhammad Rizwan, Xia, Ao and Murphy, Jerry D. (2016). The effect of seasonal variation on biomethane production from seaweed and on application as a gaseous transport biofuel, Bioresource Technology, 209, 213-219

Pullens, J. W. M., Sottocornola, M., Kiely, G., Toscano, P. and Gianelle, D. (2016) Carbon fluxes of an alpine peatland in Northern Italy, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 220, 69-82 

Jacob, Amita, Xia, Ao, Gunning, Daryl, Burnell, Gavin and Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Seaweed biofuel derived from integrated multi-tropic aquaculture, International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, 7, 11, 805-809 Seaweed IMTA

Robbins, James R., Brandecker, Anja, Cronin, Michelle, Jessopp, Mark, McAllen, Rob and Culloch, Ross (2016) Handling dolphin detections from C-PODs, with the development of acoustic parameters for verification and the exploration of species identification possibilities, Bioacoustics - The International Journal of Animal Sound and It's Recording, 25, 2, 99-110

Czyrnek-Deletre, Magdalena M., Ahern, Eoin P. and Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Is small-scale upgrading of landfill gas to biomethane for use as a cellulosic transport biofuel economically viable?Biofuels Bioproducts & Biorefining -BIOFPR, 10, 2, 139-149

Gargan, Laura M. Cornette, Raphael, Yearsley, Jon M., Montgomery, W. Ian, Pauperio, Joana, Alves, Paulo C., Butler, Fidelma, Pascal, Michel, Tresset, Anne, Herrel, Anthony, et al. (2016) Molecular and morphological insights into the origin of the invasive greater white-toothed shrew (Crocidura russula) in Ireland, Biological Invasions, 18, 3, 857-871 

Xia, Ao, Jacob, Amita, Tabassum, Muhammad Rizwan, Herrmann, Christiane and Murphy, Jerry D. (2016) Production of hydrogen, ethanol and volatile fatty acids through co-fermentation of macro- and micro-algae, Bioresource Technology, 205, 118-125

Davidson, Gabrielle L. and Clayton, Nicola S. (2016) New perspectives in gaze sensitivity research, Learning & Behavior44, 1, 9-17






2015 follow upon publication of 2015 Annual Report



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