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ERI Research Projects

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Project Title

A New Cavity Enhanced Trace Gas Absorption Detector for CARIBIC

Alternative Life Histories: Linking Genes to Phenotypes to Demography

Animal Coloration Through Deep Time: Evolutionary Novelty, Homology and Taphonomy (ANICOLEVO)

AquaSpace - Ecosystem Approach to Making Space for Sustainable Aquaculture

BCIRE – Nature and Origin of Black Carbon in Ireland

Climate Change, Behaviour and Community Response - a Blueprint for Action


Combining Innovation Networks in Maritime and Space (CINMarS)

Developing and Assessing a Monitoring Strategy for Burrow Nesting Seabirds in Ireland

Diageo Product Development

Financial Incentives to promote a Resource Efficient Irish Economy

Integrated Intelligent Energy/Water Managements Systems


Management of Sensitive Habitats for Protected Vertebrates in Irish Waters (ObSERVE)

Nature and Origin of Black Carbon in Ireland


Opportunities for Ireland in a Low Carbon Economy - Our 2050

PhotoZorb - A Novel Photocatalytic Technology for Odour Destruction

Preventing and Mitigating Farmed Bivalve Diseases (VIVALDI)

Research Underpinning Strategies for Increasing Residential Gas Connections

RICORE (Risk-based Consenting for Offshore Renewable Energy Projects) 

Salmon Aquaculture and the Environment

The Evolutionary Ecology of Cognition Across a Hetergeneous Landscape

TRANSPORT_Ireland Model to Assess GHG Mitigation Options 

Understanding of the Impacts of Anthropogenic Activity on Sensitive Marine Species in Coastal Waters



Project Title

Appropriate Working Environments (AWE AK)

Appropriate Working Environments (AWE BK)

Appropriate Working Environments (AWE DC)

Appropriate Working Environments (AWE DoS)


A Marine Leisure Infrastructure Strategy for the Southern Division of Cork County Council

A New Simulation Chamber for the Study of Atmospheric Iodine Chemistry

As Quick as Quicksilver - Ultrasensitive Detection of Atmospheric Mercury and its Application to Mercury Speciation and Atmosphere-Surface Exchange

Analysis of the Development and Occurrence of Biological and Chemical Aerosols (BioCheA)

Antimicrobial Activities From Marine Sponges and Sponge Derived Microbes

Beaufort Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management

Bedrock: Extension of Onshore Bedrock Geology to the Offshore Based on Existing INFOMAR Data: Investigation of Potential Approaches and Methodologies

BioTomp: Biotelemetry of top marine mammals

Characterisation of Irish Landcover Based on Seasonality Metrics, Derived from a Time Series of Satellite-derived Vegetation Index Data

CLAD - Coastal Climate Adaptation and Development Tool

CoastAdapt: The Sea as Our Neighbour: Adaptation to Climate Change on Coastal Communities and Habitats on Europe’s Northern Periphery

Coastal Zone Plan for Tramore

COEXIST (Interaction in Coastal Waters: A Roadmap to Sustainable Integration of Aquaculture and Fisheries)

Compressed Biomethane Generated from Grass, Utilised as a Transport Biofuel

Contemporary Seabed Sedimentary Processes and Hydrodynamics with Direct Relevance to the Siting of Offshore Renewable Energy Farm


Core Shell Materials for Chromatography Applications

Development and Validation of High-Throughput Screens to Identify Novel Inhibitors of Pathogenic Yeast, from Marine Sponge - Associated Microbes

EcoJel: Managing the Opportunities and Detrimental Impacts of Jellyfish in the Irish Sea

Embedded Middleware for Optimised Building Operation

Empirical Analysis to Improve Modelling of Future Total Final Consumption Gas Demand

Energy Efficiency in Irish Industry

Energy Policy Evaluation Model for Private Cars

Environment and Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

EPA Climate Change Research Programme - Adapting to Climate Change through National and International Actions

EPA: Climate Change Research Specialist – Impacts and Adaptation

Exploitation of Microbial Enzymes from Uncultured Microbes for the Indigenous Irish Food Industry

Fresh Water Pearl Mussel GIS

GeoDI: Geological and Geophysical Data Integration

Geo-Seas: Pan-European Infrastructure for Management of Marine and Ocean Geological and Geophysical Data

GEOSPECS: Geographic Specificities and Development Potentials in Europe

GilPat: An Investigation into Gill Pathologies in Marine Reared Finfish

GreenGrass: Developing Grass For Sustainable Renewable Energy Generation and Value-Addd Products

Grey Seal Telemetry in SW Ireland

Grooming behaviour of dark European Honey bee Apis mellifera as a potential biological control against the introduced parasitic mite Varroa destructor

Griffith: Geomatics for GeoScience

Health effects associated with the atmospheric degradation of polycyclic aromatic hyrdocarbons

Human Impacts on Native Plant Communities

Identification of Novel Marine Derived Antimmicrobial Compounds

IMCORE - Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource

Intelligent Use of Buildings Energy Information (IntUBE)

Invasion Resistance and Sectoral Impacts

Investigation of the Effects of Catabolite Repression on Styrene Degradation in Pseudomanas putida CA-3

Investigation of Novel Coating Materials and Methods for Implant Materials

Isolation of Novel Anti-Phytopathogen Agents from Soil Bacteria Using Metagenomic Tools

I2E2 Appropriate Working Environments Scoping Phase

ITOBO - Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable and Optimized Building Operation

ITOBO(Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable and Optimised Building Operation)

JUTfJUD: Joined-Up Thinking from Joined-Up Data

KnowSeas - Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seas

Mercury Detection

Measuring Subsidence over Peatlands using Satellite Radar Interferometry

MESMA: Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas

Microbial Diversity in Marine Sponges from Irish Waters

Microbial Phylogeography

Modelling Energy Efficiency in Irish Industry

Modelling of Residential Sector Energy Consumption

Modelling Pumped Hydro Storage

Natural Biological Control in Alternative Agroecosystems

NETMAR: Open Service Network for Marine Environmental Data

Network Embedded Systems (NEMBES)

ODINAFRICA Technical Coordination and Support

Phylogenetic History and Genetic Diversity of Vibrio Cholerae

PISCES: Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Ecosystem

Population Genetics of Salmonella


Renewable Gas Production From Waste


SUSTAIN: Assessing Sustainability and Strengthening Operational Policy

TEMPUS: Improvement of Education on Environmental Management

The Bees and Birds: The impact of Varroa on ecosystem functioning of semi natural woodland

The Effect of Naphthalene Emissions on Air Quality

The Integration of energy Efficiency Measures and Renewable Energy Sources in the Reduction of Carbon Emissions from an Industrial Manufacturing Facil

Thermal Energy Storage Using PCMs in a Cooling System

The Potential for Demand response in Increasing the Penetration of Renewable Energy on the All-Ireland Grid

The Potential of Alien Plants to Affect Evolution and Natural Selection of Wildlife in South West Ireland

Trail Development in South and East Areas of Co. Cork

Ultrasensitive Detection of Atmoshperic Mercury: Application to Mercury Speciation and Atmoshpere Surface Exchange

Understanding Biodiversity Change in Food Webs



Project Title

A Discussion Document on the Status of the Fishing Industry in Corca Duibhne: 2000-2005

A Marine Leisure Infrastructure Strategy for the Western Division of Cork County Council

ACES: Atlantic Coral Ecosystem Study

ADFISH: Application of Seabed Acoustic Data in Fish Stocks Assessment & Fishery Performance

AGRIcultural Policy-Induced Landscape changes

AGRIcultural POlicy-Induced LandscaPe changes

AHA: Assessment of Human Activity for the Sustainable Management of the Coastal Zone of the Southern Irish Sea

An Evaluation of Optimal Biofuels in a Northern European Context

An evaluation of the logistics of the utilisation of compressed natural gas and compressed biomethane as a transport fuel in Ireland

Analysis of the Organic Fine fraction of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Cork City

AQCESS: Aquaculture and Coastal, Economic and Social Sustainability

Artificial Reef Feasibility Study

Assessment of the Edible Periwinkle Industry in Ireland

BASIC: Building, Assessing, Standardising Information on Atlantic Coasts


BIDI: Biological Data Integration


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Experimental Tests

Biodiversity Change in Marine Food Webs – The Consequences of Species Loss for Food Web Structure and Ecosystem Functioning

Biodiversity Change in the Irish Uplands (BioUp)



Cetaceans & Seabirds Integrated Desktop Study

Cetaceans and Seabirds at Sea (CSS) Project Funded by the Rockall Studies Group

Coastal Change, Remote Sensing and GIS

COASTMON: Metocean and Coastal Zone Monitoring in Harbour Regions Using Satellite Radar

CoCoNet: Coastal Communities Network

CONSCIENCE: Concepts and Science for Coastal Erosion Management

CoPraNet: Coastal Practice Network

Corepoint: Coastal Research and Policy Integration

Cork Harbour Birds Atlas

COST ACTION 638 Investigating and Managing the Impacts of Marine Sand and Gravel Extraction and Use

CRAC Laboratory Activities (1)

Development of a GIS Model for the Location of Landfill Sites

Dingle Harbour - A Resource Scoping Study

DISMAR: Data Integration System for Marine Pollution and Water Quality

Dune Protection Plan for the Fingal Coast, Co. Dublin

Earth Observation Information and Its Application to Coastal Management in Ireland. A Training Course for Irish End-users. Centre for Earth Observation

ECO-IMAGINE: Building Coastal Knowledge & GI

ECOMOUND: Environmental Controls on Mound Formation along the European Margin

ECOOP: European Coastal-shelf Sea Operational Observing and Forecasting System


Emerging new nano-technologies for separation of ethanol and water

ENCORA: European Platform for Coastal Research Coordination Action

Environmental Controls on Cold-water Coral Carbonate Mound Development: A Contribution to IODP Exp.307

EPA Climate Change Fellowship - Climate Observation System Development and Analysis

EPA Climate Change Fellowship - Systematic Observations in Support of Climate Change


ESF COST Coastal Indicators Workshop


Examining Interactions Between Red and Grey Squirrel Populations At The Invasion Front

Foraging Ecology of the Harbour Seal in Ireland

GIS Feasibility for Port of Cork

Grey Seal Aerial Survey

Grey Seal Census

Grey Seal Pup Census at Slyne Head & Outlying Islands of North County Galway

Grey Seals Status and Monitoring in the Irish & Celtic Seas

Harbour Seal Population Assessment 2003

HIMOM: Hierarchical Monitoring Methods for Tidal Flats

HIPOCAS: Hindcast of Dynamic Process of the Ocean and Coastal Areas of Europe

HyperGIS: Marine Geographic Information Systems and High-Performance Computing Network

Identification of an Appropriate Legislative Regime for the Remediation of Contaminated Land in Ireland

Identify and Optimise Technologies for Producing Biogas (and Specifically Methane) from Grass Silage

IMAGIN: Irish Sea Marine Aggregates Initative

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) for Bantry Bay Using a Consensus Building Approach

InterRisk: Interoperable GMES Services for Environmental Risk Management in Marine & Coastal Areas of Europe

Investigation of a Novel Biotechnological Approach to the Removal of Phosphates and Nitrates from Irish Food Industry Wastewater

Investigation of Biodegradable Plastic Production by An Activated Sludge Microbial Consortium Treating Dairy Industry Wastewater

ISDE: Irish Spatial Data Exchange

ISDI: Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure Demonstration Programme on Flood Management

Informaton and Communication Technology for Sustainable and Optimised Building Operation (ITOBO)

Leatherback Sea Turtles and their Jellyfish Prey

LIMES: Land & Sea Integrated Monitoring of European Security

Linking urban air field measurements of particulate matter to their

Living Coast - Living Sea Project

Local Spatial Planning (LOSPAN) and its Impacts on Fragile Estuarine Ecosystems

Mapture: Mapping Designated Areas in the Irish Sea Interreg Region

Marine Biodiscovery - Screening & Culturing: establish and implement a screening and culturing process for isolation of bioactive compounds from marin

Marine Mammal Monitoring in Broadhaven Bay

MARISS: European Maritime Security Services

MARSAIS: Marine SAR Analyses and Interpretation System

Mesoporous Silica as Environmental Adsorbents

Metapopulation Dynamics of the Natterjack Toad


MIDA: The Marine Irish Digital Atlas

Modelling & Assessment of Climate Change Impacts for the Coastal Zone



New approaches to detecting trace halogen-containing compounds in the atmosphere


Planning and Management Tools for Biodiversity in a Range of Irish Forests

Preparation of Polymer-Based Membranes for Dehydration of EtOH by Pervaporation

Population Genetics and Genomics of Pathogenic Bacteria Monomorphic Groups

RACER: Risk Assessment and Collaboration Emergency Response in the Irish Sea

RAMSI: Risk Assessment for Marine Mammal & Seabird Populations in South-Western Irish Waters

Recombinant DNA approaches to enhance activity of the pathway for degradation of the toxic

Reconnaissance Assessment of Coastal Seabed Sand and Gravel Resources in the Form of Seabed Mapping and Quantification

Review of Coastal Protection at Tramore Strand

Review of ICZM in Practice - The Heritage Council

SAT-MOVES: Satellite Remote Sensing as a Tool for Monitoring Vegetation Seasonality


Secondary organic aerosol formation from the atmospheric oxidation of aromatic compounds

Sediment Analysis

Shannon Emergency Response Decision Support System: Integrating Shoreline Sensitivity Information, Emergency Guidelines and the Output of Oil Dispersion Model in a GIS

SPICOSA: Science Policy Interface for Coastal Systems Assessment

Stock Assessment of Scallops on the South East Coast of Ireland


Sustainable Environmental Management of Coastal Habitats


The Importance of Intermediate Predators for Food Web Dynamics and Ecosystem Functioning

The International Coastal Atlas Network

The Modelling and Assessment of Climate Change Impact for the Coastal Zone (Flooding, Catchment Changes) and their Implication on Coastal Erosion: Incorporating GIS as a Flood Prediction Management Tool

The Online Marine and Coastal Heritage Directory

The Use of Data Mining Techniques for the Quality Control of Scientific Data

Tidal Gauge Network

TOBI Porcupine and Rockall Margin Study

Tracking Ocean Giants and their Jellyfish Prey

West Cork Eco-Tour Student Packs

Whiddy Oil Terminals GIS: An Intranet Solution for Oil Spill Response in Bantry Bay

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork