Aquaculture & Fisheries

Aquaculture & Fisheries


Current research in this theme is undertaken at the Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Centre (AFDC) and the Beaufort Centre in the ERI. Research focuses on the areas of fish biology, shellfish health and disease, molecular genetics, fish and shellfish aquaculture and marine mammals and fisheries research.  Researchers have expertise in both inshore and deep-sea fisheries, focussing on the impact of fishing practices on the environment, by catch and discards, stock assessment and basic fish biology. The majority of this research is applied, underpinning the ethos of sustainable development, management and conservation of the marine environment, and involves collaborations with a range of UCC disciplines, including Geography, Geology, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Civil Engineering, Law and associate researchers within.



Dr Sarah Culloty (Lead PI), Professor Gavin Burnell, Professor Tom Cross, Dr Emer Rogan, Professor Peter Jones, Dr Joe Kerry, Professor John Benzie, Dr Phil McGinnity, Mr Jeremy Gault, Dr Michelle Cronin, Mr Ger Morgan, and Dr Ray Alcorn



The AFDC and Beaufort have extensive research and industry collaborations both nationally and internationally and have been able to exploit funding schemes that require industry/RTD collaborations which are pivotal to the applied research focus of the theme. Strategic partnerships within this theme are funded by MI, BIM, EU FP7 and INTERREG funding programmes and include projects such as the Beaufort Marine Research Awards for Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management and Fish Population Genetics, OYSTERECOVER, COEXIST, BEADS, BIVALIFE, SALSEA-MERGE, and AARC. The breadth of research themes a multidisciplinary approach to research under the Aquaculture & Fisheries theme.

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