Sustainable Bioresources and Green Technologies

Sustainable Bioresources and Green Technologies


Environmentally sound technologies are required to protect the environment, and to be less polluting than existing technologies. They are needed to facilitate the utilisation of many of our terrestrial and marine natural resources in a more sustainable manner. These technologies/approaches will help ensure that we can recycle more of our wastes and products, and treat residual waste streams in a more environmentally acceptable/friendly fashion, thereby ultimately helping to prevent pollution. Research in this thematic area is focused on developing environmental/green technologies and processes to help conserve our natural resources and environment and where possible to sustainably exploit these resources for commercial purposes.



Professor Alan Dobson (Lead PI), Dr Dara Fitzpatrick, Dr John Hanrahan, Dr Marcel Jansen, Professor Peter Jones, Professor Michael Morris, Dr John Morrissey, Dr Jerry Murphy, Dr Niall O’Leary, Professor Fergal O’Gara, Dr Andy Ruth, Dr Dean Venables.



Current research includes work on novel approaches to waste management, including the biodegradation of toxic environmental pollutants; phytoremediation of chlorinated wastestreams; developing nano-materials for environmental abatement; and bioconversion of waste streams to biodegradable polymers. Research also focuses on sensor based technologies to monitor trace atmospheric gases in the environment. Genomic/metagenomic based approaches are also being employed to exploit the metabolic versatility of terrestrial and marine ecosystems; as sources of new antimicrobial bioactive compounds; new cytotoxic agents with pharmacological potential and novel biocatalysts with industrial applications. Work is also focused on the molecular epidemiology of different pathogens with a view to developing effective methods to combat bacterial infections.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork