Geoscience & Coastal Processes

Geosciences & Coastal Processes


Both nationally and internationally, the Geoscience industrial sector is booming with peak oil funding hydrocarbon exploration, peak metal prices fuelling mining of base, rare earth and precious metals and peak energy demands funding coal mining. These industries demand applied research in diverse areas of fundamental and specialist geology. Understanding environmental functioning and dealing with natural response to climate and sea-level change requires research in the Earth Sciences. This thematic area encompasses expertise available in the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, the Beaufort Centre and Geography and Archaeology: School of the Human Environment.



Dr Andy Wheeler (Lead PI), Professor Robert Devoy, Professor Ken Higgs, Professor Brian Williams, Dr Bettie Higgs, Dr Ed Jarvis, Dr Max Kozachenko, Dr Pat Meere, Dr John Reavy, Mr Gerry Sutton.



Expertise covers bedrock mapping and stratigraphy, seabed mapping, marine geology, petroleum geology, mineral resources, economic geology, sedimentology, coastal processes, sea-level studies, Quaternary geology, igneous and metamorphic geology, structural geology and geohazards, micro- and macro palaeontology, environmental geology, geotechnics and geophysics. Researchers are involved in a diversity of research programmes involving laboratory and field based study, on land, underground and offshore. They comprise renowned experts with peer review publications in leading journals, such as Science, and books including some landmark papers. They also have strong collaborative links throughout the world, a track record in grant capture and close ties with industry. They have facilities with technical support for rock preparation (cutting, thin-section and powders), sediment analysis, palynology and microfossil sample preparation and extensive field equipment e.g. boats, and coring and levelling equipment as well as access to national marine research vessels.

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