Environmental Health

Environmental Health and Protection


Research in this thematic area is concerned with the impacts of pollutants, extreme climatic conditions, parasites, diseases, and pests on target organisms, their food/feed quality, and human health.



Studies of environmental impacts require interdisciplinary approaches: this theme integrates molecular, chemical, biochemical, organismal and ecosystem expertise with knowledge of marine, freshwater and terrestrial organisms and ecosystems. Specific underpinning areas of expertise include redox proteomics of sentinel species, biology of pests of shellfish, mammals and plants, (eco-) toxicology of wood ash, metals, chlorinated phenols, algal toxins, and nano-materials on marine, freshwater and terrestrial organisms, impacts of climate change (UV-B) on plants, bioavailability of (phyto-) chemicals in food, real-time monitoring of airborne chemical and biological aerosols and assessment of human health and plant impacts. Current activities are well integrated in the international research community, with collaborations extending to virtually all European countries, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, as well as international organisations such as UNEP. Research activities are funded by SFI, EPA, HRB, COFORD, EU-FP7, INTEREG, and ESF-COST.



Dr Marcel Jansen (Lead PI), Dr Sarah Culloty, Professor Kevin James, Professor John O’Halloran, Dr Frank van Pelt, Professor Dave Sheehan, Professor John Sodeau and Dr John Wenger.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork