Biodiversity and Resource Management

Biodiversity and Resource Management


40% of the world’s economy is based directly or indirectly on biological resources. The pressures driving biodiversity loss are either constant or increasing in intensity and biodiversity loss in Ireland remains a critical issue. Resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, climate change and the control of invasive species are just some of the factors that make environmental management a major challenge, and one that can only be met with the aid of targeted and applied research. There is an urgent need, and legal obligation, to ensure that our valuable but limited natural resources are managed sustainably. The overall objective of this thematic area is to conduct cohesive research in diverse areas of terrestrial, marine and freshwater biodiversity and resource management.



Professor John O’Halloran (Lead PI), Professor Pete Jones, Professor Gavin Burnell, Professor Tom Cross, Professor Paul Giller, Dr Marcel Jansen, Dr Paddy Sleeman, Dr Pádraig Whelan, Dr John Quinn, Dr Debbie Chapman, Dr Sarah Culloty, Dr Emer Rogan, Dr Rob McAllen, Dr Simon Harrison, Dr Ruth Ramsay O’Riordan, Professor John Gamble, Dr Andy Wheeler, Dr Barbara Doyle, Dr Tom Kelly, Mr Ger Morgan, Dr Michelle Cronin, Dr Ned Dwyer, Dr Max Kozachenko, Dr Yassine Lassoued, Dr Declan Dunne, Ms Vicki O’Donnell, Mr Jeremy Gault, Mr Gerry Sutton, Professor John Benzie.



Current research in this area includes a range of general topics in Environmental Science, Ecology and Evolution, and spans all major taxa from algae, plants and shellfish, to invertebrates, birds and mammals. Research encompasses all major habitats, including freshwater habitats, estuarine, coastal and oceanic marine environment, forests, uplands and the general agricultural landscape. There is expertise in a range of modern analytical, molecular and experimental techniques. Strategic partnerships have been developed with international centres of excellence in biodiversity and resource management, and with government and industry partners (e.g NPWS, EPA, National Biodiversity Data Centre) providing the synergy necessary to foster the expertise in this thematic area.

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