Sustainable Energy Supply Technologies

Sustainable Energy Supply Technologies


Energy supply on a worldwide basis has doubled from 1973 to 2008. Ireland has a target of 40% renewable energy supply in electricity (RES-E) which will be mainly met through wind energy. Thematic area research is focused on addressing the challenges of variable electricity production from wind and limited integration to other grids. This thematic area carries out research in two distinct areas: (i) wind energy and (ii) bioenergy and biofuels. Contributing PIs are based at the Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ERI (Sustainable Energy Research Group) and the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences. The new Beaufort and MaREI centre will be a key part of delivering the strategy for the wind energy research.



Dr Jerry Murphy (Lead PI), Dr Eamon McKeogh, Dr Paul Leahy, Professor Alan Dobson, Professor John O’Halloran, Dr Andy Wheeler.



The group’s wind energy expertise is based on facilitating energy storage to allow high penetration of intermittent wind energy and developing new pumping hydropower schemes drawing together expertise in wind resource assessment, wind energy forecasting, wind turbine control and wind energy storage technology. Current collaborators include Airtricity, Enerco, Voith-Siemens Gmbh, Va-Tech and Mott McDonald (Glasgow). In addition research in identifying suitable ground conditions for cost-effective offshore wind turbine foundations both in Ireland and the North sea is supported through academic and industrial collaborations and funds. The bioenergy and biofuels research group has gained international recognition in life cycle analysis of bioenergy systems and in basic research into bioreactor design for utilizing high solid content feedstocks such  as grass  silage, food waste and algae. Funding of over €1.3 million has been secured since 2007 generating over 40 peer review journal papers. The group has a number of bespoke systems for digestion of organic feed stocks and was awarded €250,000 to extend the biomethane laboratory in 2011.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork